July 01, 2020

Space Force Finalizes Organizational Changes

Goodbye wings, hello deltas.

The Space Force announced June 30 it will organize its personnel into three levels: squadrons at the bottom, then newly named “deltas” instead of wings, and field commands at the top.

The decision is an initial step toward building the Space Force differently than the Air Force, a five-tiered bureaucracy of squadrons, groups, wings, numbered Air Forces, and major commands. Space Force officials argue a flatter organizational chart will make it more flexible than its predecessor, Air Force Space Command.

“This is the most significant restructuring of space units undertaken by the United States since the establishment of Air Force Space Command in 1982,” Secretary of the Air Force Barbara M. Barrett said in a release.

Squadrons will continue to work the same as they do in the Air Force, focusing on a particular mission like satellite operations or intelligence. They will comprise the new deltas, named for the triangular symbol often used in space logos.

A colonel will lead each delta, built to handle functions like operations, installation support, and training. People who previously worked in groups or numbered Air Forces will move to jobs elsewhere, and some of their daily tasks will be repurposed.