Airman for Life: A Podcast Series

AFA's podcast features interviews with aerospace experts and thought leaders on professional development. Topics focus on Air Force and AFA updates. 

Leadership Advice for Airmen

AFA's President Gen Larry Spencer, USAF Ret. shares his leadership advice on this next episode of AFA's Airman for Life podcast. Gen Spencer discusses the following topics on the podcast:

  • Transitioning from the Air Force to the civilian world
  • How to build and sustain relationships with fellow Airmen who may be separating from the Air Force
  • How the Air Force's core values continue to be key on the civilian side too
  • Advice on promotion within the Air Force,
  • Advice to young and mid-grade Airmen on mentorship and being a mentee
  • The importance of diversity to build a stronger leadership team

The National Pilot Shortage

The next episode in AFA’s Airman for Life Podcast covers the National Pilot Shortage. Both the Air Force and the airlines are facing a crisis when it comes to having enough pilots. Our panel touches on the factors that led to the shortage and some solutions for consideration.

  • Host: Vago Muradian,  Editor and Host of the Defense and Aerospace Report  
  • Keith Zuegel, AFA’s Senior Director for Government Relations
  • Gene Colabatistto, Group President of CAE’s Defense & Security Group

Network As A Service

AFA's newest podcast episode discusses network as a service and what that means for the Air Force. 

  • Host: Vago Muradian, Editor and Host of the Defense and Aerospace Report
  • Rocky Thurston, Client Executive VIce Preident for AT&T
  • Lance Spencer, Mission Executive, AT&T
  • Bernie Skoch, National Commissioner, CyberPatriot

The network that the Air Force uses is an important component to the Air Force mission. The network exists as an enabler for every weapons system. The podcast discusses how the Air Force can use networks to complete its missions in every domain. 



Emerging Technologies: Weapons of the Future

In this episode, Jack O'Banion, Dr. Mark Lewis, and Scott Wierzbanowski discussed the exciting technology the Air Force is developing. The panel touched on DARPA's Gremlins program, experimental space planes, hypersonics , and 5th generation aircraft.

Moderator: Dr. Rebecca Grant, President, IRIS Independent Research


- Jack O'Banion, Vice President, Strategy and Customer Requirements, ADP, Lockheed Martin

- Dr. Mark Lewis, Director, Science and Technology Policy Institute, IDA

- Scott Wierzbanowski, Program Manager, Tactical Technology Office, DARPA 


Aerospace Sustainment: Keeping the Fleet Flying

AFA hosted a panel discussion that focused on the important job maintainers do for the Air Force. The panel touched on where the Air Force stands after sequestration created deep cuts to maintenance and modernization, as well as what Airmen can expect in the next generation of sustainment solutions.

Moderator: Dr. Rebecca Grant, President, IRIS Independent Research


- Lt Gen Bruce Litchfield (Ret.), Vice President, Sustainment Operations, Lockheed Martin

- Lt Gen Donald Wetekam (Ret.), Senior Vice President of Government Business Development, AAR

- Maj Gen David Gillett (Ret.), President of Gillett Logistics LLC


Air Superiority

Moderator: Vago Muradian, Founder & Editor - Defense and Aerospace Report


- Lt Gen Bruce Orville Wright, USAF (Ret.) Former Commander 5th Air Force and US Air Forces Japan

- Dr. Rebecca Grant, President, IRIS Independent Research