December 17, 2018

Applauds U.S. Space Command Announcement

Arlington, Va. – AFA applauds the Administration’s commitment and focus on space as they are key elements to U.S. national security. President Trump’s announcement of a U.S. Space Command to oversee and organize space operations is an assurance to the American people that we remain capable of defending space assets in future conflicts. The establishment of a U.S. Space Command is the best way of addressing advancing threats to space.

“Re-establishing US Space Command is a logical and necessary step,” said Gen. Larry Spencer (USAF, ret.), president of the Air Force Association. "AFA supports the creation of a new unified combatant command, the US Space Command to lead the use of space assets in warfighting and accelerate integration of space capabilities into other warfighting forces."


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Media Contact:
Kianna Gousby
Coordinator, Communications
Air Force Association