June 29, 2018

CyberPatriot trains kids to protect America from hackers

“I didn't really know what I wanted to do until I joined this club,” said Kaylee, a Colorado high schooler.

By Aliza Nadi and Kenzi Abou-Sabe, NBC News

VIENNA, Virginia — The scene doesn't look all that different from study hall or an after school club meeting. Middle school students, aged 12 to 14, sit huddled around computers. There's light chatter but most kids are silent, intently focused, faces lit by the glow of their screens.

James Henry turns to his teammate Mitchell Yam and says, "Password complexity is enabled." Moments later, the tune from Mario Kart that sounds when a level is complete rings across the room. The students don't pause to celebrate; they just nod at each other and turn back to their screens.