November 11, 2019

Veterans Day Message

AFA Members,

Veterans Day is a sacred time to honor and thank those who served in the Armed Forces of our great nation. Today, we equally honor military members proudly serving at home or abroad and to our veterans who courageously served in times of war and peace. All are dedicated men and women who answered the call to protect the rights and freedoms we so dearly cherish. For that, the Air Force Association salutes you! 

Today, there are nearly 20 million veterans in the United States. We can't thank them enough for their service and sacrifice. 

Please take the time to reflect on this solemn day and thank those who served and are serving. On behalf of our Chairman, Gerald Murray, members of the board and over 97,000 members of AFA, thank you to all Airmen and their families for their sacrifice in defending our grateful nation.  

With utmost respect,

Orville Wright

AFA, President