November 25, 2020

Mitchell Institute Launches “Aerospace Advantage” Podcast

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ARLINGTON, VA. — The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies will release the first in a new podcast series titled The Aerospace Advantage on Monday, Nov. 30. Hosted by former Air Force Weapons School instructor and Thunderbird pilot Lt Col (ret.) John “Slick” Baum, the series will delve into all aspects of air and space warfare, emphasizing first-hand accounts from current experts in the field.

Baum will guide listeners into the world of aerospace power, sharing insights from renowned experts on what it takes to fly, fight, and win in the sky, as well as how to advance and protect America’s interests in space. Whether interviewing top generals, standing on a flight line full of combat aircraft, witnessing a rocket being prepared for launch, or listing to heroes who have laid it all on the line in defense of the nation—this podcast will afford unprecedented access to the combat aerospace community and unparalleled insight into where it is headed—and why.

Each episode will focus on a key challenge and feature senior leaders, frontline warfighters, technical experts, and experienced policy leaders sharing their behind-the-scenes insights on what it takes to accomplish the mission and how to make that happen.

“The first five episodes will provide a foundational understanding of today’s Air Force and Space Force and the issues these forces face,” said Mitchell Institute Dean Lt Gen (ret) Dave Deptula. “Subsequent episodes delving into specific mission areas and technical zones. As a former combat fighter pilot, ‘Slick’ Baum is supremely qualified to make complex topics come to life for listeners and introduce them to current warfighters—people they’d never meet otherwise.”

The Aerospace Advantage will focus on making complex strategies, operational concepts, and technologies accessible to the layman and professional, alike. By emphasizing firsthand experiences and perspectives, the story of aerospace power will come to life for listeners at every experience level.

“At the end of the day, this all comes down to better understanding what it takes to build and maintain the air and space power America needs to ensure a secure future,” said Deptula.

You can find The Aerospace Advantage at as well as all major podcast outlets. New episodes will be released every other week.

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