April 21, 2021

Air Chiefs Visit AFA’s Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

ARLINGTON, VA -- The air chiefs of two of the United States' closest allies, in Washington for official talks, each visited AFA's Mitchell Institute of Aerospace Studies this week to discuss current and future issues, including regional threats, and future weapons and security requirements. 

"We were honored to host General Izutsu Shunji, chief of the Japan Air Self Defense Force, and Air Chief Marshall of the Royal Air Force Sir Mike Wigston," said Lt Gen David Deptula, USAF (Ret.), Dean of the Mitchell Institute. "The opportunity for open, off-the-record discourse and shared insights with these critical allies and partners is immensely valuable, and we are privileged that they take time out of a brief international visit to not only meet top officials in government, but also our institute."    

AFA’s Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is an independent, nonpartisan policy research institute established to provide creative, insightful policy options that better empower the nation's leaders.

AFA President Lt Gen Bruce "Orville" Wright, USAF (Ret.) who joined in the visits, said the conversations are evidence of the growing influence of the Mitchell Institute. "This really shows the reach and impact of the important work the Mitchell Institute does," Wright said. "It is not only a voice for airpower here at home, but also around the globe."

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