Information and Support for AFA's New Membership Portal

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ONLINE Membership Account

Members will now be able to view and edit their accounts online. Please check your contact information and update any information that is incorrect once you have logged into the system.

Corporate members will be able to view and edit all the contacts associated with their accounts.

Members will be able to pay their dues online.

The First Step:

If you are an AFA member, you should have received an email sent automatically from Salesforce with instructions explaining how to log on to MemberNation's AFA portal as well as the URL link to that page.  There you will be asked to create a new password and be given the password requirements.  Once you've done that you will be taken to the actual page where you should log in. It will look similar to the image you see below.  If you are an AFA member and you did not receive that email, here is the link you need to continue:<link here>.



The Second Step:

Once you've logged in, you will be taken to AFA's new portal at MemberNation that has information about your name, address, and other items, much of which you can edit directly. It will be totally different that any personal pages from AFA you have viewed in the past and hopefully will be much more user-friendly. That page will look similar to the page below.



What else can I do in the portal?:

Once you've reached your personal page on the MemberNation portal, please review the information displayed, especially items in your Profile section that contains your name, email address, your home address and other items that are important. You can do the same with other sections. If you take time to get familiar with the portal, hopefully you'll find you'll be able to accomplish much more now than you've been able in the past after you have logged on to AFA's web site.

Your next choice is Payment Methods:  


Here you can enter and store payment methods you may want to use for online transactions in the portal.

Following Payment Methods is  My Transactions where you can view any transaction you have made with AFA including renewing your Membership:  



For more information, please contact us at for further help.  Please be sure to include tour first name, last name, your email address and, if you are aware of it, your AFA Member ID (found as ID# on your membership card) as well.