AFA Branding Guide & Logos

The Air Force Association (AFA) logo and all the associated logos on this page are registered trademarks. Unauthorized use is prohibited. Use of text and images from this website or from AFA publications or other materials requires written permission from AFA. To request permission, contact

AFA logos can be used only with authorized AFA artwork. Use of AFA logos must conform to the standards specified for each logo. These standards include form, color, spacing, size, and use of the logo with other graphic elements. View the spacing guidelines below for more detail.

The AFA logo always appears in a single color. The dark blue logo should be used on light backgrounds, while the white logo should be used to contrast dark backgrounds. When necessitated by printing limitations, the logo may be printed in black. Other standards for AFA and its associated brands follow. 



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CMYK 100-60-0-60
RGB 0-46-94
HEX 002E5E

CMYK 0-20-100-0
RGB 255-203-5



Helvetica Black Condensed
(use for headlines)

Adobe Garamond Pro Bold
(use for subheads)

Adobe Garamond Pro Regular
(use for main text)

(use elsewhere)

AFA Logo
AFA Logo and Wordmark
Airman for Life Logo

Air Warfare Symposium 
Air, Space & Cyber Conference

Wounded Airman Program
Mitchell Institute
Air Force Magazine
Aerospace Education
Air Force Memorial

Air Force Memorial Logo

Requests to use the Air Force Memorial logo should be directed to

Use of text and images on this website, AFA publications, or other materials requires written permission from AFA.