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The strength of our Air Force Association rests with our 99,000 members who have raised their hands to say "Yes, I will increase my support of our Air Force by joining the Air Force Association." Our grassroots organization is made up of members who are currently serving, those who have served in the past, and those that serve as spouses, family members, neighbors, and friends. Although our backgrounds may differ, we are all dedicated to supporting the greatest Air Force in the world. We are all Airmen for Life.

We need YOU to Join the Fight and express your commitment to our mission to promote a dominant United States Air Force!

AFA’s Promise

Why You Should Join AFA

AFA connects members to a growing community of like-minded professionals, advocates and experts. We strive to be a voice for Airmen and their families. We work tirelessly to educate our members and the general public on the critical need for a dominant United States Air Force. 

When you become an AFA member, you become part of the AFA family and an Airman for Life.

As an AFA member, you will:

Your Membership Options

If you are joining AFA for the first time, we are pleased to offer you a special $20 introductory rate to learn more about what AFA has to offer.

Additional membership options include:

  • $35 - Annual AFA Membership
  • $50 - Annual AFA Membership with a hard copy subscription to Air Force Magazine
  • $85 - Three Year AFA Membership
  • $125 - Three Year AFA Membership with a hard copy subscription to Air Force Magazine
  • $400 - Lifetime AFA Membership with optional hard copy subscription to Air Force Magazine

Whichever membership option is right for you, thank you for joining us as an Airman for Life and demonstrating your commitment to supporting the world's greatest Air Force!