Airman for Life Travel Assistance

At AFA, we believe in Airmen for Life. Once an Airman, always an Airman. Every Airman will always be a part of the AFA family. Of the 11,000 wounded Airmen currently enrolled in the Air Force Wounded Warrior program, approximately 5,000 have been medically retired. Serving this population of wounded Airmen when the Air Force cannot is the fastest-growing need of the Wounded Airman Program.

Wounded Airmen who have been medically retired are not funded by the Air Force to attend Warrior CARE events, the Air Force Warrior Games Trials, or the DoD Warrior Games. However, these are the Airmen that often need these events the most. They sometimes feel pushed out or left behind by the Air Force. Warrior CARE events bring them back into their Air Force family.

AFA's Wounded Airman Program is proud to offer Airman for Life Travel Assistance grants to medically retired Airmen that have been identified by the Air Force Wounded Warrior program office as someone who could benefit from participating in an Air Force event. Thanks to support from key donors, AFA chapters, nonprofit partners, and corporate sponsors, we have sent dozens upon dozens of Airmen and caregivers to Warrior CARE events, the Air Force Trials, and the DoD Warrior Games.

Please consider donating to AFA's Wounded Airman Program to support our medically retired Airmen. Your donation will help us continue our support and remind our Airmen that we are all Airmen for Life and we take care of our own.