Mission Arts

Join the Mission!

AFA is excited to kick off a new virtual initiative, Mission Arts!

Mission Arts is a virtual healing and arts event series hosted by AFA's Wounded Airman Program in partnership with Mission Warriors. The event series is widely available for Airmen, Guardians, Air Force Veterans, Air Force Wounded Warriors, Air Force Caregivers, and the AFA Family!

Mission Arts was developed with the purpose of bringing healing through the arts to all, especially our wounded Airmen and Air Force Caregivers. For this reason, Mission Arts events will give first priority to our wounded, ill, and injured Airmen and their Air Force Caregivers. 

During this time battling an ongoing global pandemic, all can benefit from the various art disciplines of writing, meditating, paint pouring, comedy, and improv, so we encourage our Air and Space Force families to get involved.

Register today to secure your spot for your Mission Art event! 

Thank You to Our Strategic Partners