Leadership Development Workshops

The Doolittle Leadership Center has delivered its renowned leadership development workshops to dozens of Air Force and Space Force installations around the world.

How It Works

A Lead, Develop, Care Workshop is an 8- to 10-hour leader development course that can transform how your organization thinks about leadership. We travel to your location to deliver tailored training directly to your team. One course will equip up to 30 members of your team with immediately actionable leadership skills.

Proven Results

Improved Understanding

From junior technicians to squadron commanders, our courses result in a 46% increase in self-rated leadership understanding.

Effective Training

The majority of the DLC’s students have rated the training as either “extremely helpful” (76%) or “helpful” (23%) to their leadership development.

World-Class Instructors

Dr. Patrick Donley

Director of AFA’s Doolittle Leadership Center, Donley is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, four-time commander, and former National War College instructor.

Terry Cook

Author of Lead, Develop, Care: Shaping a Different Kind of Leader, Cook’s leadership model has impacted thousands of leaders in 90 countries over the last 20 years.


What makes your training model different?

Lead, Develop, Care workshops are designed to be additive to most other leadership programs. The LDC difference is its emphasis on teaching a practical framework from which to apply all other leadership tools. The Doolittle Leadership Center aims to help supervisors lead proactively and comprehensively from the moment the workshop ends, whether or not they are receiving appropriate feedback from their chain of command.

Does my team have to travel to the DLC?

No. The DLC is headquartered at the Air & Space Forces Association in Arlington, Va., but our mobile instructors deliver training at your organization.

Do you only serve military audiences?

No. Though our instructors bring decades of military and civilian leadership experience to the table, the Doolittle Leadership Center believes all organizations deserve quality leadership. Our model is not “function-specific,” but we deliver it in a way that is tailored to each specific audience.

Do you offer follow-up training and/or coaching?

Yes. Our standard introductory workshop is around 8-10 hours, and follow-on training is available to dive deeper into the Lead, Develop, Care model, refine the skills of your team, and provide additional sessions to explore your organization’s specific challenges. We also provide executive coaching to senior leaders in your team.

How do I schedule a training event?

Contact the DLC directly and schedule an information session where we will give you an overview of our model and training program. From there, we can schedule a variety of leadership training sessions that most appropriately meet your objectives.

Schedule YOUR Leadership Development

Contact us to learn more about our workshops, and schedule one for your organization. Building better leaders begins today!

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Luke Forister, Operations Manager
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