AFA’s Board of Directors (Voting Board)

Officers and Directors

Bernie Skoch

Chair of the Board

Chair of the Board Bernie Skoch, from Elkins, Ark., served 29 years in the Air Force in a variety of communications roles and became Director of Communications Operations, Office of the DCS for Installations and Logistics, USAF, Washington, D.C. Prior, he served as the first-ever Principal Director for Network Services and Customer Advocacy at the Defense Information Systems Agency, Arlington, Va. He performed various duties on the Joint Staff supporting the National Military Command System and developing the Global Command and Control System, rising to the rank of Brigadier General. Skoch’s previous AFA involvement began by launching AFA’s CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Education Program as National Commissioner, growing the program to one of the most widely regarded and successful cyber-focused STEM programs in the nation. He then became the Executive Lead for AFA Strategic Events, boosting the profile, revenue, and attendance of AFA’s Air, Space & Cyber Conference and also transforming AFA’s Warfare Symposium into a showcase featuring the best of Air Force innovations.

Skoch earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Arkansas and a master’s in management and supervision from Central Michigan University. He received the AFA President’s Citation for exceptional leadership (2019); AFA’s Chairman’s Aerospace Education Award (2020); AFA’s Hoyt S. Vandenberg Award for most outstanding contribution in the field of aerospace education (2021); and helped put AFA in position to be awarded the Trade Show Executives “Fastest 50” award for exceptional growth in attendance and exhibit sales. Skoch currently serves on the Defense Business Board; the Civil Air Patrol Board of Governors; and the Military Cyber Professionals Association Board. He is a Senior Advisor for Aerospace/ STEM Education on the AFA Education Council.

Chris Canada

Vice Chair of the Board, Field Operations

Chris “Thrasher” Canada served 28 years on Active duty, during which he flew worldwide Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance collection missions; was a Staff Officer at the Numbered Air Force, Major Command, and Joint Combatant Command levels; and served as Commanding Officer at multiple levels. His other tours of duty ranged from Air Component Coordination Element Director for a counter-narcotics task force to Senior Military Advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense’s Training and Armor Directorates… Read More

Stephen Gourley

Vice Chair of the Board, Education

Stephen Gourley is the volunteer leader guiding the overall direction of the AFA Education Mission and overseeing its Aerospace Education Programs. Gourley joined AFA in 2007 and has served as the Mile High 127 Chapter President and Colorado State President and Executive Vice President. He received the Colorado Medal of Merit; Exceptional Service Award; and Presidential Award for Excellence; as well as National level Medal of Merit Awards and a Special Citation, and a Chairman’s Citation… Read More

Mike Liquori

National Secretary

Michael J. “Mike” Liquori, has been an AFA Life Member since 2000. He received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Boston University and a master’s degree in managerial economics from the University of Oklahoma. He is a retired lieutenant colonel having served on Active duty for 12 years and as an Individual Mobilization Augmentee in the Air Force Reserve for 13 years. He is a member of the Martin H. Harris Chapter (Fla.) where he has served as President, Executive Vice President, AF Gala Chairman, AWS Awards Chairman, AWS Golf Chairman, and webmaster… Read More

Chuck Martin


Chuck Martin is the volunteer leader overseeing the financial affairs of the Association, exercising and performing the duties assigned by the Constitution and the Operations and Procedures Manual. The Treasurer chairs the Finance Committee and serves as a member of the Executive Committee. He works closely with the Chairman and confers regularly with the President, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, and other key staff, as appropriate. He makes the annual Financial Report to the National Convention and provides operating budget and financial reports to the Board of Directors. Chuck joined the AFA in 1971 and has served in multiple capacities in various chapters as he was reassigned within the USAF… Read More


  • Todd Freece – East Area
  • Janelle Stafford – Central Area
  • Bobi Oates – West Area
  • Bill Harding – At Large
  • Paul Hendricks – At Large
  • Gabbe Kearney – At Large
  • Robin Rand – At Large
  • Mark Tarpley – At Large
  • Jackie Trotter – At Large


  • Tom Deale – Appointed
  • Kathleen Ferguson – Appointed
  • Desriann Stevens-Bouadi – Appointed


  • Gerald Murray – Immediate Past Chair of the Board
  • Whit Peters – Past Chair of the Board, Advisory Director
  • Burton Field – Ex-Officio Director
  • Kyle DeNeef – Ex-Officio Director, Commander AAS
  • Levin Brandt – Ex-Officio Director, President SWS
  • Steve Schaick – Chaplain, Advisory Director
  • Doug Raaberg – Executive Vice President, Advisory Director
  • David Goldfein – Advisory Director, General CSAF #21
  • Kaleth Wright – Advisory Director, CMSAF #18
  • Roger “Toby” Towberman – Advisory Director, CMSSF #1
  • Dave Zorzi – Deputy Treasurer – Appointed – Non-Voting


AFA’s Field Operations are organized into geographic areas led by Region Presidents. The Region organization is not an operational unit but each President has coordination, administrative, and leadership responsibility for state organizations and is the senior representative for AFA within its geographical boundaries.

  • Linda McMahon, Central East Region (Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia)
  • Wayne Kauffman, Far West Region (California, Hawaii, Guam)
  • Dwyer Dennis, Florida Region (Florida, Puerto Rico)
  • Craig Spanburg, Great Lakes Region (Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio)
  • Fred Niblock, Midwest Region (Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska)
  • Dave “Pilgrim” DeNofrio, New England Region (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)
  • Dan Murphy, North Central Region (Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin)
  • Patrick Kon, Northeast Region (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania)
  • Bill Striegel, Northwest Region (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington)
  • Fran Bradshaw, Rocky Mountain Region (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming)
  • Susan Mallett, South Central Region (Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee)
  • Mike Trotter, Southeast Region (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina)
  • Alan Berg, Southwest Region (Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico)
  • Dan Ohnesorge, Texoma Region (Oklahoma, Texas)

AFA is also represented overseas by Erin LeFever (Europe) Jeremy Nickel (Pacific)


  • Bonnie B. Callahan
  • Charles A. Nelson 
  • Charles P. Zimkas, Jr  
  • Craig R. McKinley 
  • Edward W. Garland 
  • Ellis Nottingham
  • Gavin “Mac” MacAloon 
  • Gerald Murray
  • James “Jim” Lauducci
  • Jerry White 
  • Jim Hannam 
  • Joan Blankenship 
  • Joan Sell 
  • John A. Shaud 
  • John J. Politi
  • Jon R. Donnelly 
  • Joseph E. Sutter
  • Julie Curlin 
  • Justin M. Faiferlick 
  • L. Boyd Anderson 
  • Len Vernamonti
  • Mary Ann Seibel-Porto 
  • Mary Ann Thompson 
  • Michael J. Dugan 
  • Michael M. Dunn 
  • R.E. “Gene” Smith 
  • Richard B. Goetze, Jr 
  • Robert E. “Bob” Largent 
  • Robert G. Stein 
  • S. Sanford Schlitt 
  • Stephen P. “Pat” Condon
  • Steve Lundgren 
  • Thomas J. Kemp  
  • Thomas J. McKee 
  • Victoria W. Hunnicutt
  • William “Bill” D Croom Jr
  • Whit Peters