Doolittle Leadership Center

AFA’s Doolittle Leadership Center delivers leadership-training courses, workshops, and resources to Air & Space Force officers, enlisted leaders, cadets, and industry professionals around the world. Founded in 2022, the DLC follows the spirit of AFA’s founding President, Gen. Jimmy Doolittle, to mentor, educate, and inspire the next generation of leaders. 

Our Mission:

Building Better Leaders

Leadership Development Workshops

The DLC’s two-day leader development course can transform how your organization thinks about leadership.

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Senior Mentorship for Junior Leaders

The DLC connects seniors leaders from the Air and Space Forces with USAFA cadets, ROTC cadets, and Silver Wings students—the leaders of tomorrow.

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The Doolittle Raiders Toast

Join the DLC and AFA members around the world as we raise a glass to the 82nd anniversary of the legendary Doolittle Raid and the Raiders’ enduring warfighting spirit.

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Let’s Get Started!

Contact us to learn more about our workshops, and schedule one for your organization. Building better leaders begins today!

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Dr. Patrick Donley, Director
Luke Forister, Operations Manager
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