Wounded Airman Program

When our Airmen feel low, we raise them up. When they need support, we have their backs. The Wounded Airman Program reminds our Airmen that they are not alone, forgotten, or weak. Through community events and support, we strive to discover newfound strengths within our Airmen they never knew they had. The generosity of donors, sponsors, and volunteers help us care for our wounded Airmen during and after their active service in the Air Force.

Words from Our Airmen

“This program saves people’s lives, repairs families, and mends broken bodies. Every day I get in my race chair on the track and see the ground fly below me, or on my handcycle and feel the wind in my face. I am freer than I have felt in years. Thank you for allowing my soul to breathe blue for one more camp, one more day.” – Ashley Crites, SSgt (Ret.)

Upcoming Professional Development & Networking Events

AFA Doolittle Building Brick Wall Unveiling

AFA Event

October 25, 2018

Arlington, VA

Space Training & Exercises

Space Breakfast

November 02, 2018

Capitol Hill Club

AFA Breakfast Series featuring Gen Stephen Wilson

AFA Breakfast Series

November 14, 2018

Rosslyn, VA

2018 Space Series Wrap Up

Space Breakfast

December 07, 2018

Capitol Hill Club


Delta Dental Community Care Foundation Partners with Military Associations

Press Release

The Air Force Association (AFA) announced today that the Delta Dental Community Care Foundation has partnered with AFA along with the Association of the US Army (AUSA), Marine Corps League, Association of the United States Navy (AUSN), and the Coast Guard Foundation to provide wellness grants to members of each association.

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Hurricane Michael Affects Tyndall AFA Chapter and Air Force Base

Press Release

The third strongest hurricane to ever hit the United States caused catastrophic damage to Tyndall Air Force Base infrastructure, which will have a lasting impact on USAF operations.

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AFA’s 2018 Air, Space & Cyber Conference Breaks Records

Press Release

This year’s conference was one of the most successful events hosted by AFA, breaking registration and attendance records.

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Air Force Magazine

Covering Air Force Magazine

Air Force Magazine

Some of our favorite covers from the last 100 years. ​

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Warriors for Life at the Warrior Games

Air Force Magazine

USAF aims to have Warrior Games participants leave the event stronger than when they arrived. ​

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The Great Hypersonic Race

Air Force Magazine

China, the US, and Russia are each striving to be the first nation to develop hypersonic systems: aircraft and missiles that can cruise and maneuver at five times the speed of sound (Mach 5) or faster. The winner of this technology contest will have daunting military advantages. Such weapons promise the ability to hit targets from very long ranges, yet with such speed and surprise that defending against them is extremely difficult.

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Aerospace Education & STEM Programs

At AFA, we encourage students to think with their heads in the clouds. From the community to the classroom, we promote aerospace education as an exciting adventure for students of all ages. By advancing STEM-related classroom curricula and supporting educators, civilians, our Total Force Airmen, their families, and America’s youth, we have impacted nearly half a million students, teachers, and our next generation of Airmen.


Civil Air Patrol

Since 1996, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) has been a crucial partner of AFA, promoting aerospace education and fostering an interest in STEM careers, helping AFA in impacting hundreds of thousands of K-12 students across the country. 

As a special partner in aerospace advocacy and education, AFA and CAP have united to join each other’s organizations, leveraging resources, and work toward the promotion of STEM careers.

Mitchell Institute

The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Power empowers our nation’s leaders by informing, educating, and cultivating insightful policy. AFA established this research institute to carry on General Billy Mitchell’s—one of America’s greatest Airmen—dedicated efforts to expand modernized airpower thinking. Be a part of the conversation as we strive toward our goals for aerospace power. 


Everyone uses technology, but not everyone knows how to defend themselves from digital vulnerabilities. AFA founded CyberPatriot as the National Youth Cyber Education Program in 2009 to attract students into the fields of cybersecurity and STEM. With the skills learned through the CyberPatriot program, these students can make a difference at a global level. 


Most of us can only dream of outer space. AFA’s StellarXplorers program brings these dreams in closer reach. We are inspiring students to pursue STEM studies through this special space system design competition. They become immersed in all aspects of system development and operations with a spacecraft focus.