Air Force Association

Whether a Total Force Airman, civilian, cadet or family member, we all believe in a dominant Air Force.

The Air Force Association is a volunteer-led organization connecting brave Airmen who commit their lives to protecting the greater good of our country. And for all who support the importance of aerospace power and education, we welcome you to the AFA community. Through a network of more than 200 chapters, we are here to share, support and sustain your journey as an Airman for Life.


Together We are Airmen for Life

"AFA continues to keep me informed about our Air Force and keeps me in the Air Force family." — SMSgt (Ret.) Ted Fafinski

"AFA has strengthened my awareness of national policy." 
— SMSgt Sonora L. Vasquez

"The relationships that have come my way through AFA prove that serving others leads to success." — Mitzi Morrison

"The network that I have through AFA is fantastic and the mentors I have gained are invaluable." — Lt Col Shannon Farrell

Upcoming Professional Development & Networking Events

AFA Breakfast Series featuring Lt. Gen. Mary O'Brien & Lt. Gen. Timothy Haugh

AFA Breakfast Series

December 12, 2019

Capitol Hill Club

2020 Air Warfare Symposium


February 26, 2020 - February 28, 2020

Orlando, FL

2020 National Convention


September 12, 2020 - September 13, 2020

National Harbor, MD

2020 Air, Space & Cyber Conference


September 14, 2020 - September 16, 2020

National Harbor, MD


Veterans Day Message


Veterans Day is a time to honor and thank those who have served in the military for their sacrifices. Today, we honor all those who are proudly serving or who have served in our armed forces. These dedicated men and women answered the call to protect our rights and freedoms and for that AFA salutes their service.

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AFA Welcomes Senate Confirmation of Barbara Barrett as Secretary of the Air Force

Press Release

AFA Welcomes Senate Confirmation of Barbara Barrett as Secretary of the Air Force

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AFA Statement on Loss of Historic B-17: Painful Reminder of the Sacrifices of WWII Airmen


The tragic crash of a historic B-17 Oct. 2 cost the nation an enduring symbol of the sacrifices and heroism displayed by American Airmen in defeating Nazi Germany in World War II. The selfless commitment of the Collings Corporation and the many volunteers who chose to crew and support their B17 program set the highest possible standards for our nation to ensure we never forget the sacrifices made by our WWII veterans and Airmen.

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Air Force Magazine

Against the MiGs in Vietnam

Air Force Magazine

In the beginning, the North Vietnamese air force was a rag-tag operation with obsolete, cast-off equipment. The first unit was formed in 1959. The first combat aircraft was a T-28 trainer whose pilot defected from the Laotian air force.

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Beyond the Buzzword

Air Force Magazine

AFWERX, one of the newest additions to the Air Force’s technology innovation ecosystem, aimed to hold its biggest event to date in July. It almost didn’t happen.

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Chief Wright, Superstar

Air Force Magazine

In his meetings with airmen, from one-stripers to senior noncommissioned officers, Wright asks airmen what they want from life, from their families, from their careers. Most in the room share generic answers: Be the best they can be. Be a good father. Make a difference.

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Wounded Airman Program

When our Airmen feel low, we raise them up. When they need support, we have their backs. The Wounded Airman Program reminds our Airmen that they are not alone, forgotten, or weak. Through community events and support, we strive to discover newfound strengths within our Airmen they never knew they had. The generosity of donors, sponsors, and volunteers help us care for our wounded Airmen during and after their active service in the Air Force.

"This program saves people’s lives, repairs families, and mends broken bodies. Every day I get in my race chair on the track and see the ground fly below me, or on my handcycle and feel the wind in my face. I am freer than I have felt in years. Thank you for allowing my soul to breathe blue for one more camp, one more day."

— SSgt (Ret.) Ashley Crites

Aerospace Education & STEM Programs

From the community to the classroom, AFA promotes aerospace education as an exciting adventure for students of all ages. By advancing STEM-related classroom curricula and supporting educators, civilians, our Total Force Airmen, their families, and America’s youth, we have impacted nearly half a million students, teachers, and our next generation of Airmen. AFA offers:

  • Scholarships and grants for Airmen and their families
  • Robust support to STEM educators including our Teacher of the Year Award and educator grants
  • Nationally-renowned programs including CyberPatriot and StellarXplorers

Civil Air Patrol

Since 1996, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) has been a crucial partner of AFA, promoting aerospace education and fostering an interest in STEM careers, helping AFA in impacting hundreds of thousands of K-12 students across the country. 

As a special partner in aerospace advocacy and education, AFA and CAP have united to join each other’s organizations, leveraging resources, and work toward the promotion of STEM careers.

Mitchell Institute

The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Power empowers our nation’s leaders by informing, educating, and cultivating insightful policy. AFA established this research institute to carry on General Billy Mitchell’s—one of America’s greatest Airmen—dedicated efforts to expand modernized airpower thinking. Be a part of the conversation as we strive toward our goals for aerospace power. 


Everyone uses technology, but not everyone knows how to defend themselves from digital vulnerabilities. AFA's CyberPatriot Program attracts students to cybersecurity and STEM fields. With the skills learned through the CyberPatriot program, students are making a difference at a global level. 


Most of us can only dream of outer space. AFA’s StellarXplorers program brings these dreams in closer reach. We inspire students to pursue STEM studies through a special space system design competition that emphasizes all aspects of spacecraft system development and operations.