AFA’s United Forces & Families (F2)

Supporting our Air Force family has been an important piece of AFA’s mission since our inception in 1946. More than 75 years later, we remain committed to supporting all DAF families. We believe that improving the quality of life for Airmen, Guardians, and their Families is directly linked to stronger Families, united Forces, and the mission effectiveness of our Air and Space Forces — that’s why AFA created United Forces & Families (F2).

Our Mission

To unite forces and families, strengthening quality of life for Air and Space communities.

Our Vision

A culture where strong families continually build stronger forces. 

Our Values

Inclusion | Family | Community | Education | Advocacy

Our Focus Areas

Childcare | Education | Healthcare | Housing | Spouse Employment | Food Insecurity | Connection

What We Do

AFA’s United Forces & Families (F2) is improving quality of life for military families by Listening, Amplifying, Connecting, and Building.


Who We Are

F2 is constituted by a passionate and growing community of Airmen, Guardians, military spouses, family members, AFA members, professionals, advocates, and experts.


How We Help

AFA is investing an initial $50,000 in a variety of grants for quality of life initiatives that directly benefit Airmen, Guardians, and their Families.


Thank You to Our Sponsors

To learn more about partnership opportunities and how you can support F2, contact us at