The Air & Space Forces Association is the leading voice for aerospace power and the Air and Space Force family before, during and after their time in uniform. We are honored to serve as the only non-profit, professional military association that advocates for all Airmen and Guardians: Active, Reserve, Guard, Civilians, Retirees, Veterans, Industry Partners, and their families. Through our pillars of connectivity, advocacy, and professional development, we value strength in community.

Government Relations

AFA’s Government Relations team is a well-recognized and consistent presence on Capitol Hill. We work to educate congressional leaders on Air and Space Forces budgets, programs, and issues and advocate AFA’s position on diverse issues affecting national security. We regularly host congressional outreach programs including briefings and targeted meetings, reaching hundreds of congressional members and staffers and aligning the Air and Space Forces and congressional leaders on key Air and Space Forces issues. We also work with the Military Coalition (TMC) and other military-related associations to collectively advocate on issues and challenges facing U.S. service members and our members.

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