Aerospace Education Council Update: November 2023

November 28, 2023   |   By Stephen Gourley

The deadline for our Educator Grants closes on Dec. 15, so time is running out for your local teachers to apply for our increased Educator Grants ($599 for 2024). With increased costs on just about everything, every teacher undoubtedly has shortfalls and STEM activities are going unfunded as a result. Get with your local school districts and encourage the good ideas that would otherwise go by the wayside. Apply here.

While October is the official beginning of the AFA operational year with the installation of new officers and Board members, much of our energy is in preparation for the New Year. January is the start of our fiscal year and when many of our events begin. I look forward to joining our Region and State Presidents at the Field Leadership Summit in January, where they will receive updates on AFA programs, including the outstanding work of your Education Council. In February, the AFA Warfare Symposium convenes in Colorado, continuing our exemplary series of professional development events for our Airmen and Guardians. Reviewing the plans encapsulated in the National budget (subject to Board approval Nov. 15), the Association, across the Field, Education, and National staff, is well positioned to execute our mission and its three strategic pillars: Educate, Advocate, and Support.

As we enter the holiday season, personal events are focused on family and friends, most appropriately. Somewhere in that mix, please reflect on the contribution our Airmen, Guardians, and their supportive Families make to our national security—and hence our way of life—whether they be deployed overseas or deployed in place. The efforts you make each day matter and are critical to the continued success of their missions. 

With that, go forth and do good things!

Stephen K. Gourley
Vice Chair of the Board, Education

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