AFA Applauds Release of New Comprehensive Space Strategy

October 24, 2023

Arlington, Va. — Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall signed off on the “Comprehensive Strategy for the Space Force” in August and the unclassified summary document was released to the public Oct. 13, answering a requirement set forth by Congress in the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act. The Air & Space Forces Association had pressed for precisely such a report as a means of ensuring a clear national strategy for the new service, with clearly defined objectives and plans to achieve those objectives. 

“We are excited to see a clearly delineated strategy that draws together the many initiatives driven by Chief of Space Operations Gen. B. Chance Saltzman,” said AFA President & CEO Lt. Gen. Bruce “Orville” Wright, USAF (Ret.). “This is precisely what the Space Force has needed and Gen. Saltzman and his Space Force team are now well positioned to argue their case for the resources and support they need to ensure the United States remains a dominant force in space for the freedom and security of all who love freedom, wherever they are throughout the world.”

The Strategy rightly affirms the Chief of Space Operations as the “Force Design Architect for Space Systems of the Armed Forces.” In that role, Saltzman, “is responsible for presenting coordinated recommendations to the [Secretary of Defense] regarding space-mission force design options to satisfy the requirement of the Joint Force and the Armed Forces,” the strategy states. For resourcing, it notes that the Joint Requirements Oversight Council has designated the USSF as the integrator for DOD’s Joint Space Requirements. As a result, “The Force Design Architect and Joint Integrator now can bring the entire joint community together to develop cogent space requirements,” the strategy states. 

“AFA looks forward to further insights with declassification when appropriate to help educate the public and our public officials on the threats to the free and safe use of space posed by nations envious of U.S. capabilities, and the resources required to assure military and civilian access to space now and in the future,” Wright said. 

About AFA

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