AFA Chapter Supports Air Force Recruitment Efforts in Texas 

May 31, 2024   |   By Vance Clark

A key focus of the AFA Chapter 416 is supporting the Air Force Recruiting Services through AFA’s latest initiative, AFA AIMS (“Advocates to Inspire Military Service”). The chapter hosted an “Inspire & Impact” dinner in Greenville, Texas, on March 22 to share their involvement in Air Force recruiting efforts (among other areas) over the past year. 

The event was attended by U.S. Congressional staffers, local mayors, educators, community partners, businesses, and other AFA leaders. Lt. Gen. John Campbell, USAF (Ret.), AFA AIMS Chair, broke down the AIMS effort and showed AFA members and Chapters how to engage. 

Campbell also answered AIMS’ central call-to-action — telling his Air Force story to the crowd. He recounted how his father, a B-17 pilot, was shot down on March 22 (exactly 80 years ago to the day of the event) and spent a year as a POW. Hearing his father’s story influenced Campbell to join the Air Force, and he went on to fly the F-15 and F-16. He ended with a call to action for veterans, like him, to tell their stories. He asked employers and community influencers to seek opportunities for veterans to speak in the local community. Campbell emphasized the need to educate parents, teachers, coaches, friends, and neighbors about what military service is really like and that it is still a very viable option for our youth. 

To further support the AIMS and Air Force recruiting efforts, Chapter 416 holds monthly telecoms with the local Air Force recruiting squadron commander and his senior enlisted leaders. These calls have helped educate Chapter leaders on issues faced by recruiters—and how AFA can help. In the three months of dedicated effort, Chapter 416 has introduced recruiters to educators, superintendents in particular school districts, and civic leaders.  

All AFA members and Chapters can engage in the AIMS initiative. To learn more, visit or contact the AFA AIMS team at

If Chapter 416 can help you or your Chapter get involved, please let us know by contacting