Air Force Association Decries Racism and Violence

June 3, 2020

June 03, 2020

Air Force Association Decries Racism and Violence

Arlington, Va. — The Air Force Association has joined Air Force and Space Force leadership in calling for an end to racial injustice in the military and the world, and in decrying the violent protests that have swept the nation in recent days.

“Racial injustice remains wrong for our military and our society — a source of daunting leadership challenges for every Airman and Space Force Professional,” said AFA President Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Bruce “Orville” Wright. “We stand with Air Force and Space Force leaders in support of their efforts to rid the services of every trace of racist behavior. The time is right for a thorough review of the military legal system and for careful self-examination to ensure the fairness of this great meritocracy. There is no room for division in the world’s best and most effective fighting forces.”

“In the 72 years since President Truman desegregated our Armed Forces, America has made great strides,” said AFA Chairman CMSAF (Ret.) Gerald Murray. “But as the national crisis we are living through unfolds, we still have far to go. What ails our society also ails our military forces. We are not immune. Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kaleth Wright has helped force a critical reckoning. Discrimination and injustice undermine good order and discipline as well as combat effectiveness. It must be stamped out.”

Wright and Murray also urged calm and a swift end to violence in the streets.


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