Kearfott Corporation

April 22, 2024   |   By Patrick Reardon

Kearfott Corporation is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of guidance, navigation, and motion-control components and systems for military and commercial markets. Headquartered in Pine Brook, New Jersey, Kearfott’s products have seen millions of hours of service on countless applications. The company’s inertial navigation systems provide high-end support to assist with the control of missiles, UAVs, helicopters, and military aircraft. Additionally, Kearfott offers a variety of actuation and sensor solutions to several commercial programs, including the Boeing 737 and Boeing 777. Kearfott’s precision, ruggedized components measure angle and position in a wide range of applications. Kearfott is a wholly owned subsidiary of Astronautics Corporation of America, a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of avionics equipment and systems for the military and commercial aerospace industry.