CSAF Selects Mitchell Institute Podcast Episode for February Leadership Library

February 10, 2023

Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown highlighted an episode from AFA’s Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies podcast series, Aerospace Advantage, in his February update to the CSAF Leadership Library.

The episode, “Russian Airpower in Ukraine: Lessons for the West”, reflects on the upcoming one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the lessons learned, particularly what it implies for the future of modern air warfare. In the episode, Dr. Justin Bronk of the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies joined Mitchell Institute’s Senior Resident Fellow Heather “Lucky” Penney and National Defense Fellow Lt. Col. Michael “Mongo” Kingry.

Brown writes that the episode “provides a masterclass into tactical and operational insights from the Ukrainian battlefield while challenging us to rethink the modern air campaign.”

The insights are critical at this time precisely because the war in Ukraine has challenged assumptions surrounding modern air campaigns, according to Mitchell experts. Conclusions are being made about airpower that ignore the important role it plays and how it could potentially change the tide of the war even now, they noted.

“Gen. Brown’s February 2023 Leadership Library, including the Mitchell Institute’s podcast, is an outstanding reference for all of us in AFA leadership positions,” said AFA’s President & CEO, retired Lt. Gen. Bruce “Orville” Wright.

The Mitchell Institute’s Aerospace Advantage podcast releases new episodes on the biggest airpower, spacepower, or broader defense topics every Saturday and is available on all major podcast platforms. The CSAF Leadership Library is updated regularly as important topics in air and space enter the public discourse.

About the Mitchell Institute

AFA’s Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is an independent, non-partisan research organization established by AFA to provide fact-based policy options, inform debate, and empower our nation’s leaders. This involves questioning established doctrine, organizational constructs, and operational concepts, asking whether there are better ways to meet national security goals. The Mitchell Institute provides independent analysis based on science, history, and data outlining the right solutions in the aerospace domain.

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