Air & Space Warfighters in Action: Col. Raj Agrawal

DATE: March 5, 2024 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm ET

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Join AFA on March 5, 2024 for a virtual fireside chat with AFA’s Executive Vice President Maj. Gen. Doug Raaberg, USAF (Ret.) and Col. Raj Agrawal, Commander of Space Delta 2. Delta 2 is responsible for building combat-ready forces who operationalize Space Domain Awareness and Space Battle Management to identify, characterize, and exploit opportunities and mitigate vulnerabilities in the national security space terrain.

Col. Raj Agrawal

Agrawal is currently assigned as the Commander, Space Delta 2-Space Domain Awareness and Space Battle Management, Space Operations Command, Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado. Space Delta 2 is headquartered at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado, with mission personnel and functions spread across Vandenberg Space Force Base, California; Eglin Air Force Base, Florida; Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico; Maui, Hawaii, Huntsville, Alabama; and Dahlgren, Virginia, in addition to multiple supporting locations around the world including Australia, Diego Garcia, and the Marshall Islands.