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AFA formed the F2 Task Force promoting United Forces and Families in 2022. This diverse group of 16 spouses provides direct inputs into AFA to include programmatic recommendations and needs-gap analysis.


AFA has welcomed thousands of military spouse to AFA’s annual Air, Space & Cyber Conference and AFA Warfare Symposium, where we’ve hosted several quality-of-life panels. The F2 Task Force is currently exploring other options for virtual events and increased promotion.


Connection continues to be a key focus of AFA’s support to military families. This has already shown up in the form of spouse networking events and engagements. However, the real magic will happen through AFA’s chapters at the local level. Chapters are led by mission-driven volunteers who believe in our Air Force and Space Force family.


With its commitment to DAF families, AFA will build new programming on an as-needed basis where identified. AFA is executing a grant program to provide immediate quality of life improvement initiatives at installations around the world. A key focus is increased support at the local level through community partnerships and AFA Chapters via grants.

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F2 Grants

AFA awards grants to dedicated volunteer leaders looking to fund quality of life initiatives for Air Force and Space Force Families.

F2 Initiatives

F2 has made its mark on a national scale, at premier conferences and Air Force and Space Force Bases around the nation.

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To learn more about partnership opportunities and how you can support F2, contact us at F2@afa.org.