July 2023 STEM Update: StellarXplorers’ New Textbooks, CyberCamps Underway & More

July 20, 2023

StellarXplorers Presents at 2023 Space Port Area Conference for Educators

Rebecca Dalton, Director of AFA’s StellarXplorers, represented AFA at the 2023 Space Port Area Conference for Educators (SPACE) event in June. The event included a StellarXplorers breakout session with a demonstration of a National Space Design Competition orbit planning scenario and a tour of Kennedy Space Center Complete Launch Pad 39B (the site of Apollo, Space Shuttle, and Artemis launches). 
During the event, StellarXplorers was also featured in an interview with Space Coast Daily.

Nova Space Partners with StellarXplorers to Provide Interactive Training

For years, the StellarXplorers program has used the Understanding Space textbook as a supplement to its hands-on sample scenarios and the other training tools provided to teams participating in the National Space Design competition.

For the upcoming competition season, the textbooks will be replaced with a Space Explorers course, courtesy of Nova Space, Inc., the newest StellarXplorers sponsor. The course, valued at $2,500, is being provided to each team, at no charge, for a more interactive learning experience. Nova Space is a leader in space professional development and training, and is trusted by companies and organizations like NASA, Amazon, Space Foundation, ELA, USSF, and more.

AFA CyberCamps Reach Midseason

The first half of the 2023 AFA CyberCamp seasons wrapped up at the end of June. Campers have been working hard and having fun and we are excited to see what is to come for this new class of cybersecurity enthusiasts. Four more weeks remain in the 2023 AFA CyberCamp season.

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Check out some of the highlights from across the program so far:

AFA CyberCamps