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AFA strives to supply our members with the most up-to-date information for you to take back to your own communities.

When you join AFA, you will be connected to members and can participate in activities that are in-person and online. From local AFA chapter meetings to 12,000+ attendee conferences, you will have complete access to stay connected with the AFA community anywhere, anytime.

Being an Airman or Guardian isn't a part-time job - it's a lifelong honor.

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Community Partner Program

Becoming a Community Partner is a great way to get your business involved with your local Air Force community. By forming a partnership with your local AFA chapter, your business will become aligned with a community that promotes dominant United States Air and Space Forces. Any business or organization can choose from our two Community Partner membership options.

Awards and Recognition Programs

AFA is proud to honor our Air Force; Enlisted, Officer, and Civilians alike. Every year AFA recognizes our Airmen for their exemplary performance at our Air, Space & Cyber Conference and Air Warfare Symposium. We honor their accomplishments, achievements, and contribution to the betterment of the Air Force and the Air & Space Forces Association.

Our Field Leaders are the heart, soul, and backbone of our organization. As Jimmy Doolittle once said, "There's nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer". Our Chapter leaders work tirelessly to promote the Air & Space Forces Association in their local communities supporting Air Force members whether active duty or retired at over 200 Chapters worldwide.

Field Leaders Resources

This one-stop library is a mix of resources including the Field Operations Guidebook, applications, marketing materials, online training modules and so much more!

Field Leaders Portal

The Field Leaders portal gives chapter leaders access to valuable information and reports on members in their chapter. They can see who has joined their chapter recently and who will be expiring soon. Field leaders also use the Portal to submit activity and financial reports, maintain chapter officer rosters and update membership information.

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AFA National Convention

The Air & Space Forces Association’s National Convention is an exciting opportunity for AFA delegates from around the world to come together and shape our future. Following in the footsteps of our country, we are governed by our National Convention body under the structure of the AFA Constitution. An elected Board of Directors has the authority to take action between National Conventions.