National War College Graduate Wins AFA’s Air Force Writing Award

June 21, 2023

Jim Hannam and National War College Commandant Brig. Gen. Jeff Hurlburt presented the Air Force Writing Award to USAF Lt. Col. Brian Morrissey for his paper, “U.S. Strategy to Strengthen the Arctic Against Chinese Influence.” 

Hannam represented the Air & Space Forces Association’s D.W. Steele Chapter, which sponsors the award, at the June 2 ceremony at Fort McNair in Washington, D.C.

Morrissey served as commander of the 14th Fighter Squadron at Misawa Air Base, Japan, and on the SECAF Staff before attending the National War College. His next assignment is on the Joint Staff, J-35, focused on Ukraine. AFA presented Morrissey with a small monetary award and an extension of his AFA Membership. Two U.S. Space Force Officers also won awards: Lt. Col. Bryony Slaughter and Lt. Col. Max W. Yates, PhD. 

AFA congratulates all award winners and their service in defense of our country!