Sustaining and Modernizing Ballistic Missile Operations Forum

Ever since the first U.S. ICBM went on alert at Vandenberg Air Force Base in 1959, the deterrent power of America's strategic missile fleet has helped protect America and its allies from nuclear threats. Today, sustaining our aging Minuteman III missiles is a growing challenge, but no less vital than replacing them with the coming Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent. 

The forum will be live-streamed here on AFA's website and on AFA's Facebook and YouTube

The General James Doolittle Leadership Center

The Air Force Association has since its inception been focused on facilitating closer dialog between America’s dedicated Airmen and the world’s most innovative and powerful aerospace industry.  AFA’s latest initiative, establishing the General James Doolittle Leadership Center (DLC), promises to boldly transform that focus as never before.

Our Airmen and Guardians —America’s most lethal force—rely on industry to provide the systems and services to deter and, if necessary, to fight and defeat any of the many serious threats we face.  In the recent past, those threats to our nation have dramatically increased while technology has accelerated at a dizzying pace.  It is imperative now more than ever that Airmen, Guardians, and industry closely interact and collaborate so Airmen and Guardians can know what industry can deliver, and so industry can better understand what our Airmen and Guardians need to fight and win in the air, in space, and in cyberspace. The DLC will be the epicenter of that interaction and collaboration.

The DLC will be the place where:

  • Dialogue shapes the future of national security, where Airmen, Guardians, and industry are informed of policy and budget developments, and where America cultivates the next generation of defense professionals.  
  • Across all AFA Chapters, uniformed, government civilian, and industry mid- and senior-level leaders gain key insights and develop and nurture professional relationships and networks, as they help shape the national security debate. 

  • AFA members, AFA Field leaders, Active Duty Airmen and Guardians of the Air and Space Forces, defense professionals, and members of “think tanks” develop and hone their professional leadership skills.

  • AFA’s Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies hosts content-rich workshops, tabletop exercises, and group meetings to explore strategies, concepts of operation, and technology that relate to current, emerging, and future defense challenges.

  • Aerospace advocates engage in programs focused on mentoring, leadership and networking.

Stay connected to AFA to follow this rapidly developing and transformative initiative that will reshape the national security landscape.