Our leaders know what it means to serve. Learn more about the Air & Space Forces Association's leadership and those who are supporting the AFA mission to support Airmen and Guardians each and every day.


Gerald R. Murray

Gerald R. Murray

Chairman of the Board

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (retired) Gerald Murray has been involved with AFA as a board member, chapter president and delegate for 15 years.  

Murray also serves on the USAA Board of Directors, the Air Force Museum Foundation Board of Trustees, the Air Force Enlisted Village Board of Directors, and the Airmen Memorial Foundation Board of Directors.  In previous years, he served on the Air Force University Board of Visitors, Armed Forces Benefit Association Board of Directors, and as Co-Chairman of the Air Force Retiree Council... Read More


Lt. General Bruce Wright

Bruce “Orville” Wright


As the Air & Space Forces Association’s top executive, General Wright directs the association's professional staff. He is responsible for the management and operations of AFA and its 97,000 members, and he serves as the publisher of Air Force Magazine, the official journal of the Air & Space Forces Association.

Retiring as a three-star general, Wright spent 34 years in the Air Force. His last assignment was Commander of 5th Air Force and U.S. Forces Japan...Read More


Photo of Douglas Raaberg

Douglas L. Raaberg

Executive Vice President

General Raaberg is Executive Vice President, Air & Space Forces Association, providing strategic direction to AFA as the premier professional military and aerospace education association in the nation.  He serves with the AFA President in their commitment to supporting Airmen and their families around the globe.   

Doug is an accomplished business executive and defense leader with a proven record of transforming vision into strategy to deliver innovative results...Read More



AFA’s Field Operations are organized into geographic areas led by Region Presidents. The Region organization is not an operational unit but each President has coordination, administrative, and leadership responsibility for state organizations and is the senior representative for AFA within its geographical boundaries.

  • Ken Spencer, Central East Region (Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia)
  • Wayne Kauffman, Far West Region (California, Hawaii, Guam)
  • Todd Freece, Florida Region (Florida, Puerto Rico)
  • Craig Spanburg, Great Lakes Region (Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio)
  • Chris Canada, Midwest Region (Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska)
  • Dave "Pilgrim" DeNofrio, New England Region (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)
  • Dan Murphy, North Central Region (Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin)
  • Patrick Kon, Northeast Region (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania)
  • Jeff Putnam, Northwest Region (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington)
  • Linda Aldrich, Rocky Mountain Region (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming)
  • Bernie Skoch, South Central Region (Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee)
  • Mike Trotter, Southeast Region (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina)
  • Alan Berg, Southwest Region (Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico)
  • Janelle Stafford, Texoma Region (Oklahoma, Texas)

AFA is also represented overseas by Jennifer Cunningham (Europe) Jeremy Nickel (Pacific)


CHAPTER NAME; State; Location; Email Address

BIRMINGHAM; Alabama; Birmingham; AL100.Birmingham@afa.org

SOUTH ALABAMA; Alabama; Daphne; AL101.SouthAlabama@afa.org

MONTGOMERY; Alabama; Montgomery; AL102.Montgomery@afa.org

TENNESSEE VALLEY; Alabama; Huntsville; AL335.TennesseeValley@afa.org

EDWARD J. MONAGHAN; Alaska; Elmendorf AFB; AK103.Monaghan@afa.org

FAIRBANKS MIDNIGHT SUN; Alaska; Fairbanks; AK362.Fairbanks@afa.org

TUCSON; Arizona; Tucson; AZ105.Tucson@afa.org

COCHISE; Arizona; Sierra Vista; AZ107.Cochise@afa.org

FRANK LUKE; Arizona; Luke AFB; AZ151.Luke@afa.org

PRESCOTT; Arizona; Prescott; AZ418.Prescott@afa.org

DAVID D. TERRY, JR.; Arkansas; Little Rock; AR253.TerryJr@afa.org

LEWIS E. LYLE; Arkansas; Hot Springs; AR270.Lyle@afa.org

FRESNO; California; Fresno; CA110.Fresno@afa.org

MONTEREY BAY AREA; California; Monterey; CA112.MontereyBay@afa.org

GENERAL ROBERT F. TRAVIS; California; Fairfield; CA113.Travis@afa.org

ORANGE COUNTY/GENERAL CURTIS E. LEMAY; California; Orange County; CA114.LeMay@afa.org

C. FARINHA GOLD RUSH; California; Sacramento; CA116.GoldRush@afa.org

BRIGADIER GENERAL ROBERT CARDENAS SAN DIEGO; California; San Diego; CA118.Cardenas.President@afa.org

GOLDEN GATE; California; San Francisco; CA120.GoldenGate@afa.org

GENERAL DOOLITTLE LOS ANGELES AREA; California; Los Angeles; CA121.LA@afa.org

CHARLES HUDSON; California; Bakersfield; CA126.Hudson@afa.org

PALM SPRINGS; California; Palm Springs; CA134.PalmSprings@afa.org

M/G CHARLES I. BENNETT, JR.; California; Merced; CA144.Bennett@afa.org

HIGH DESERT; California; Apple Valley; CA146.HighDesert@afa.org

GENERAL BERNARD A. SCHRIEVER LOS ANGELES; California; Los Angeles; CA147.Schriever@afa.org

BOB HOPE; California; Riverside; CA257.BobHope@afa.org

ROBERT H. GODDARD; California; Vandenberg AFB; CA266.Goddard@afa.org

WILLIAM J. 'PETE' KNIGHT; California; Edwards AFB; CA294.Knight@afa.org

DAVID J. PRICE/BEALE; California; Yuba City; CA333.Beale@afa.org

TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD; California; Sunnyvale; CA361.Ford@afa.org

LANCE P. SIJAN; Colorado; Colorado Springs; CO125.Sijan@afa.org

MILE HIGH; Colorado; Denver; CO127.MileHigh@afa.org

MEL HARMON; Colorado; Pueblo; CO128.Harmon@afa.org

GENERAL ROBERT E. HUYSER; Colorado; Grand Junction; CO408.Huyser@afa.org

LINDBERGH/SIKORSKY; Connecticut; Westport; CT312.Lindbergh@afa.org

FLYING YANKEES/GEN. KENNEY; Connecticut; Windsor Locks; CT423.Kenney@afa.org

DELAWARE GALAXY; Delaware; Dover; DE227.DelawareGalaxy@afa.org

BG BILL SPRUANCE; Delaware; Dover; DE282.Spruance@afa.org

NATION'S CAPITAL; District of Columbia; Washington, DC; DC130.NationCapital@afa.org

GENERAL LAURIS NORSTAD; Europe; Shape, Belgium; EU500.Norstad@afa.org

UNITED KINGDOM; Europe; Lakenheath, England; EU503.UK@afa.org

CHARLEMAGNE; Europe; Geilenkirchen, Germany; EU505.Charlemagne@afa.org

LUFBERY-CAMPBELL; Europe; Ramstein AFB Germany; EU507.LufberyCampbell@afa.org

DOLOMITI; Europe; Aviano, Italy; EU515.Dolomiti@afa.org

SPANGDAHLEM; Europe; Spangdahlem, Germany; EU534.Spangdahlem@afa.org

RED TAIL MEMORIAL; Florida; Ocala; FL136.RTMemorial@afa.org

FLORIDA HIGHLANDS; Florida; Avon Park; FL173.FloridaHighlands@afa.org

MARTIN HARRIS; Florida; Orlando; FL303.Harris@afa.org

CAPE CANAVERAL; Florida; Patrick AFB; FL309.CapeCanaveral@afa.org

WATERMAN - TWINING; Florida; Tampa; FL316.Waterman@afa.org

MIAMI - HOMESTEAD; Florida; Miami; FL317.Miami@afa.org

GOLD COAST; Florida; Broward County; FL351.GoldCoast@afa.org

COLONEL LOREN D. EVENSON; Florida; Panama City; FL355.tyndall@afa.org

EGLIN; Florida; Fort Walton Beach; FL365.Eglin@afa.org

GENERAL JAMES R. MCCARTHY; Florida; Daytona Beach; FL397.McCarthy@afa.org

HURLBURT; Florida; Hurlburt Field; FL398.Hurlburt@afa.org

FALCON; Florida; Jacksonville; FL399.Falcon@afa.org

COLONEL H. M. "BUD" WEST; Florida; Tallahassee; FL419.West@afa.org

FLORIDA WEST COAST CHAPTER; Florida; Sarasota; FL429.FLWestcoast@afa.org

SAVANNAH; Georgia; Savannah; GA137.Savannah@afa.org

CARL VINSON MEMORIAL; Georgia; Warner Robins; GA296.Vinson@afa.org

DOBBINS; Georgia; Atlanta; GA331.Dobbins@afa.org

SOUTH GEORGIA; Georgia; Valdosta; GA381.SouthGA@afa.org

HAWAII; Hawaii; Honululu; HI138.Hawaii@afa.org

SNAKE RIVER VALLEY; Idaho; Mountain Home; ID119.Valley@afa.org

LAND OF LINCOLN; Illinois; Springfield; IL133.Lincoln@afa.org

CHICAGOLAND - O'HARE; Illinois; Chicago; IL142.Chicagoland@afa.org

SCOTT MEMORIAL; Illinois; Scott AFB; IL168.ScottMemorial@afa.org

HEART OF ILLINOIS; Illinois; Galesburg; IL172.Illinois@afa.org

P-47 MEMORIAL; Indiana; Evansville; IN141.p47memorial@afa.org

FORT WAYNE; Indiana; Fort Wayne; IN143.FortWayne@afa.org

CENTRAL INDIANA; Indiana; Indianapolis; IN150.CentralIN@afa.org

GRISSOM MEMORIAL; Indiana; Kokomo; IN152.Grissom@afa.org

COLUMBUS - BAKALAR; Indiana; Columbus; IN288.Columbus@afa.org

SOUTHERN INDIANA; Indiana; Bloomington; IN348.Southern@afa.org

LAWRENCE D. BELL MUSEUM; Indiana; Mentone; IN411.Bell@afa.org

FORT DODGE; Iowa; Fort Dodge; IA264.FortDodge@afa.org

RICHARD D. KISLING; Iowa; Sioux City; IA269.Kisling@afa.org

GENERAL CHARLES A. HORNER; Iowa; Des Moines; IA437.Horner@afa.org

NORTHEAST IOWA; Iowa; Waterloo; IA439.Northeast@afa.org

LT ERWIN R. BLECKLEY; Kansas; Wichita; KS154.Bleckley@afa.org

M/G EDWARD R. FRY; Kansas; Topeka; KS161.Fry@afa.org

LEXINGTON; Kentucky; Lexington; KY405.Lexington@afa.org

GENERAL RUSSELL E. DOUGHERTY; Kentucky; Louisville; KY407.Dougherty@afa.org

MG ORIS B. JOHNSON; Louisiana; Baton Rouge; LA156.Johnson@afa.org

ARK-LA-TEX; Louisiana; Shreveport; LA159.Ark-La-Tex@afa.org

CENTRAL MARYLAND; Maryland; Rockville; MD145.CentralMD@afa.org

THOMAS W. ANTHONY; Maryland; Andrews AFB; MD157.Anthony@afa.org

FT. MEADE; Maryland; Baltimore; MD160.fortmeade@afa.org

PIONEER VALLEY; Massachusetts; East Long Meadow; MA111.PioneerValley@afa.org

OTIS; Massachusetts; Falmouth; MA166.Otis@afa.org

MINUTEMAN; Massachusetts; Boston; MA167.Minuteman@afa.org

PAUL REVERE; Massachusetts; Bedford; MA178.Revere@afa.org

MOUNT CLEMENS; Michigan; Mount Clemens; MI179.MountClemens@afa.org

LAKE SUPERIOR NORTHLAND; Michigan; Marquette; MI238.Superior@afa.org

LLOYD R. LEAVITT; Michigan; Alpena; MI314.Leavitt@afa.org

BATTLE CREEK; Michigan; Battle Creek; MI356.BattleCreek@afa.org

GENERAL E. W. RAWLINGS; Minnesota; Minneapolis; MN213.Rawlings@afa.org

RICHARD I. BONG; Minnesota; Duluth; MN226.Bong@afa.org

GOLDEN TRIANGLE; Mississippi; Columbus; MS163.GoldenTriangle@afa.org

JOHN C. STENNIS; Mississippi; Biloxi; MS332.Stennis@afa.org

MERIDIAN; Mississippi; Meridian; MS376.Meridian@afa.org

HARRY S. TRUMAN; Missouri; Kansas City; MO185.Truman@afa.org

SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS; Missouri; Saint Louis; MO186.StLouis@afa.org

WHITEMAN; Missouri; Whiteman AFB; MO299.Whiteman@afa.org

BIG SKY; Montana; Great Falls; MT108.BigSky@afa.org

BOZEMAN; Montana; Bozeman; MT109.Bozeman@afa.org

LINCOLN; Nebraska; Lincoln; NE187.Lincoln@afa.org

AK-SAR-BEN; Nebraska; Omaha; NE188.Ak-Sar-Ben@afa.org

THUNDERBIRD; Nevada; Las Vegas; NV189.Thunderbird@afa.org

B/G HARRISON R. THYNG; New Hampshire; Manchester; NH249.Thyng@afa.org

SAL CAPRIGLIONE; New Jersey; Newark; NJ190.SalCapriglione@afa.org

HANGAR ONE; New Jersey; Fort Monmouth; NJ192.HangarOne@afa.org

SHOOTING STAR; New Jersey; Chatham; NJ195.ShootingStar@afa.org

MERCER COUNTY; New Jersey; Trenton; NJ293.Mercer@afa.org

BRIG. GEN. FREDERICK W. CASTLE; New Jersey; Camden; NJ310.Castle@afa.org

THOMAS B. MCGUIRE, JR.; New Jersey; McGuire AFB; NJ360.McGuireJr@afa.org

HIGHPOINT; New Jersey; Andover; NJ374.Highpoint@afa.org

WHITE SANDS; New Mexico; Alamogordo; NM196.Whitesands@afa.org

LLANO ESTACADO; New Mexico; Clovis; NM256.Estacado@afa.org

ALBUQUERQUE; New Mexico; Albuquerque; NM258.Albuquerque@afa.org

ALBANY - HUDSON VALLEY; New York; Albany; NY197.Hudson@afa.org

LONG ISLAND; New York; Nassau County; NY202.LongIsland@afa.org

L.D. BELL NIAGARA FRONTIER; New York; Buffalo; NY204.Niagara@afa.org

GENERAL CARL A. "TOOEY" SPAATZ; New York; White Plains; NY251.Spaatz@afa.org

IRON GATE; New York; New York; NY275.IronGate@afa.org

GENESEE VALLEY; New York; Rochester; NY308.Genesee@afa.org

CHAUTAUQUA; New York; Jamestown; NY338.Chautauqua@afa.org

SCOTT BERKELEY; North Carolina; Goldsboro; NC131.Berkeley@afa.org

TARHEEL; North Carolina; Raleigh; NC207.Tarheel@afa.org

BOB NEWMAN CAPE FEAR; North Carolina; Wilmington; NC366.CapeFear@afa.org

POPE; North Carolina; Fayetteville; NC386.Pope@afa.org

BLUE RIDGE; North Carolina; Asheville; NC424.BlueRidge@afa.org

KITTY HAWK; North Carolina; Kitty Hawk; NC425.KittyHawk@afa.org

HAPPY HOOLIGAN; North Dakota; Fargo; ND132.Hooligan@afa.org

GENERAL DAVID C. JONES; North Dakota; Minot; ND135.Jones@afa.org

RED RIVER VALLEY; North Dakota; Grand Forks; ND140.RRValley@afa.org

GENERAL JOSEPH P. RALSTON; Ohio; Cincinnati; OH210.Ralston@afa.org

NORTH COAST; Ohio; Cleveland; OH211.NorthCoast@afa.org

WRIGHT MEMORIAL; Ohio; Dayton; OH212.WrightMemorial@afa.org

CAPTAIN EDDIE RICKENBACKER MEMORIAL; Ohio; Columbus; OH265.Rickenbacker@afa.org

FRANK P. LAHM; Ohio; Mansfield; OH277.Lahm@afa.org

STEEL VALLEY; Ohio; Youngstown; OH371.SteelValley@afa.org

ENID; Oklahoma; Enid; OK214.Enid@afa.org

CENTRAL OKLAHOMA (GERRITY); Oklahoma; Tinker AFB; OK215.Gerrity@afa.org

TULSA; Oklahoma; Tulsa; OK268.Tulsa@afa.org

ALTUS; Oklahoma; Altus; OK342.Altus@afa.org

COLUMBIA GORGE; Oregon; Portland; OR216.Gorge@afa.org

BILL HARRIS; Oregon; Klamath Falls; OR373.Harris@afa.org

MISS VEEDOL; Pacific; Japan; PAC501.Veedol@afa.org

KEYSTONE; Pacific; Kadena AB Okinawa; PAC502.Keystone@afa.org

TOKYO; Pacific; Tokyo, Japan; PAC504.Tokyo@afa.org

MIG ALLEY; Pacific; Osan AB Korea; PAC506.MigAlley@afa.org

MIFFLIN COUNTY; Pennsylvania; Lewistown; PA220.MifflinCounty@afa.org

LTC B.D. "BUZZ" WAGNER; Pennsylvania; Johnstown; PA221.Wagner@afa.org

OLMSTED; Pennsylvania; Harrisburg; PA222.Olmsted@afa.org

LIBERTY BELL; Pennsylvania; Philadelphia; PA223.LibertyBell@afa.org

LEHIGH VALLEY; Pennsylvania; Allentown; PA274.Lehigh@afa.org

TOTAL FORCE; Pennsylvania; Coraopolis; PA329.TotalForce@afa.org

ALTOONA; Pennsylvania; Altoona; PA350.Altoona@afa.org

POCONO NORTHEAST; Pennsylvania; Scranton; PA354.Pocono@afa.org

JOE WALKER - MON VALLEY; Pennsylvania; Monessen; PA388.Walker@afa.org

YORK - LANCASTER; Pennsylvania; York; PA393.York@afa.org

NEWPORT BLUE & GOLD; Rhode Island; Newport; RI180.Newport@afa.org

METROPOLITAN RHODE ISLAND; Rhode Island; Warwick; RI311.Metropolitan@afa.org

STROM THURMOND; South Carolina; Clemson; SC153.Thurmond@afa.org

CHARLESTON; South Carolina; Charleston; SC297.Charleston@afa.org

SWAMP FOX; South Carolina; Sumter; SC298.SwampFox@afa.org

COLUMBIA - PALMETTO; South Carolina; Columbia; SC383.Columbia@afa.org

RUSHMORE; South Dakota; Rapid City; SD228.Rushmore@afa.org

DACOTAH; South Dakota; Sioux Falls; SD229.Dacotah@afa.org

GENERAL DAN F. CALLAHAN; Tennessee; Nashville; TN230.Callahan@afa.org

CHATTANOOGA; Tennessee; Chattanooga; TN248.Chattanooga@afa.org

GENERAL H.H. ARNOLD MEMORIAL; Tennessee; Tullahoma; TN301.Arnold@afa.org

EVERETT R. COOK; Tennessee; Memphis; TN336.Cook@afa.org

GGENERAL BRUCE K. HOLLOWAY; Tennessee; Knoxville; TN367.Holloway@afa.org

SEIDEL; Texas; Dallas; TX232.Seidel-Dallas@afa.org

SAN JACINTO; Texas; Houston; TX233.SanJacinto@afa.org

ALAMO; Texas; San Antonio; TX234.Alamo@afa.org

FORT WORTH; Texas; Fort Worth; TX272.FortWorth@afa.org

AUSTIN; Texas; Austin; TX276.Austin@afa.org

ABILENE; Texas; Abilene; TX283.Abilene@afa.org

GENERAL CHARLES L. DONNELLY, JR.; Texas; Wichita Falls; TX284.Donnelly@afa.org

AGGIELAND;Texas; College Station; TX292.Aggieland@afa.org

CONCHO; Texas; San Angleo; TX305.Concho@afa.org

DEL RIO; Texas; Del Rio; TX358.DelRio@afa.org

DENTON; Texas; Denton; TX391.Denton@afa.org

NORTHEAST TEXAS; Texas; Commerce; TX416.Northeast@afa.org

NORTHERN UTAH; Utah; Ogden; UT235.NorthernUtah@afa.org

SALT LAKE; Utah; Salt Lake City; UT236.SaltLake@afa.org

UTE-ROCKY MOUNTAIN; Utah; Ogden; UT237.RockyMountain@afa.org

GREEN MOUNTAIN; Vermont; Burlington; VT326.GreenMountain@afa.org

LEIGH WADE; Virginia; Petersburg; VA169.Wade@afa.org

DONALD W. STEELE, SR. MEMORIAL; Virginia; Alexandria; VA239.Steele@afa.org

DANVILLE; Virginia; Danville; VA240.Danville@afa.org

RICHMOND; Virginia; Richmond; VA243.Richmond@afa.org

ROANOKE; Virginia; Roanoke; VA285.Roanoke@afa.org

LANGLEY; Virginia; Langley AFB; VA323.Langley@afa.org

GENERAL CHARLES A. GABRIEL; Virginia; McLean; VA433.Gabriel@afa.org

NORTHERN SHENANDOAH VALLEY; Virginia; Winchester; VA435.Shenandoah@afa.org

GREATER SEATTLE; Washington; Seattle; WA244.GreaterSeattle@afa.org

INLAND EMPIRE; Washington; Fairchild AFB; WA245.InlandEmpire@afa.org

MCCHORD FIELD; Washington; McChord AFB; WA334.Field@afa.org

CHUCK YEAGER; West Virginia; Charleston; WV209.Yeager@afa.org

GENERAL PETE EVEREST; West Virginia; Fairmont; WV225.Everest@afa.org

BILLY MITCHELL; Wisconsin; Mitchell Field; WI247.Mitchell@afa.org

CHEYENNE COWBOY; Wyoming; Cheyenne; WY357.Cheyenne@afa.org


AFA’s Board of Directors includes nine elected National Directors and up to three additional directors appointed by the Chairman of the Board: The immediate past retired Air Force Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; the immediate past retired Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force; and the immediate past retired Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force are also invited to serve as directors.

  • Joseph M. Burke
  • David Goldfein
  • Gavin "Mac" MacAloon
  • Susan Mallett
  • Bobi Oates
  • Molly Mae Potter
  • Mark Tarpley
  • Jackie Trotter
  • Roger W. Teague
  • Len Vernamonti
  • Kaleth Wright
  • L. Boyd Anderson
  • John T. Brock
  • Bonnie B. Callahan
  • George H. Chabbott
  • Stephen P. “Pat” Condon
  • William D Croom Jr
  • Julie Curlin
  • Jon R. Donnelly
  • Michael J. Dugan
  • Michael M. Dunn
  • Charles G. Durazo
  • Justin M. Faiferlick
  • Edward W. Garland
  • Richard B. Goetze, Jr.
  • Victoria W. Hunnicutt
  • Leonard W. Isabelle
  • Thomas J. Kemp
  • Robert E. "Bob" Largent
  • James "Jim" Lauducci
  • Hans Mark
  • William V. McBride 
  • James M. McCoy
  • Thomas J. McKee
  • Craig R. McKinley 
  • Charles A. Nelson
  • Ellis Nottingham
  • Whit Peters
  • John J. Politi
  • S. Sanford Schlitt
  • Mary Ann Seibel-Porto
  • Joan Sell
  • John A. Shaud
  • R.E. “Gene” Smith
  • Jack H. Steed
  • Robert G. Stein
  • Joseph E. Sutter
  • Mary Anne Thompson
  • Leonard R. Vernamonti
  • Jerry White
  • Charles P. Zimkas, Jr.
  • National Chaplain, Steve Schaick
  • National Commander Arnold Air Society, James Brutus
  • National President Silver Wings, Michaela Mesiti
  • President of AFA, Bruce A. Wright
  • Past Chairman of AFA, F. Whitten Peters