Aerospace Education Council Update: May 2024 

May 31, 2024   |   By Stephen Gourley

We have something urgent to do. Last January, the Board approved the establishment of the Pitsenbarger “Full Measure Award (FMA),” a national-level recognition for previous recipients of a basic Pitsenbarger Award who are pursuing education post-Associate’s degree. One of the key criteria for the FMA is the endorsement of an AFA Chapter or State President of a candidate’s active participation in AFA activities. The cut-off for the 2025 FMA is December 21, 2024, so we need to enable otherwise qualified candidates to be a part of the good work AFA does for our Active, Guard, and Reserve. 

Here’s the charge: Engage with your local Base Education Office to identify your local Pitsenbarger recipients (2022-24), and speak with them about how they might support AFA activities, at the Chapter, State, or National level. These are hard-charging, self-motivated individuals who will enhance any Chapter or State organization. It’s a win-win. 

Speaking of prestigious awards, nominations for the Thompson-Mallett National Teacher of the Year (TOY) are due to no later than June 30. The best part of this recognition is every State can have a TOY. No Active, Guard, or Reserve base is required, and every State has teachers doing great work preparing the next generation for success! State TOYs from 2023 and 2024 are eligible, so work with your past and current TOY to once again make it a difficult decision for the selection panel. 

Each month, I zero in on one or two topics to highlight from my perspective. Whether I highlight them or not, the work of your Education Council and our strategic education partners continue to excel. Check out these great articles: 

That’s the charge: Go forth and do good things! 

Stephen K. Gourley 

Vice Chair of the Board, Education