AFA Sponsors D-Day Commemoration at Tinker

June 27, 2024

AFA’s Central Oklahoma Gerrity Chapter celebrated an important anniversary in Air Force heritage as a signature sponsor of the D-Day Commemoration at Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., on June 8.

During World War II, a Douglas plant at Tinker Air Force Base—then the Midwest Air Depot—made C-47 Skytrain aircraft like “That’s All, Brother,” which led the airborne invasion of Normandy in 1944. Today, Tinker has grown to more than 5,400 acres of landmass and 25,000 military and civilian employees, and is the largest military MRO depot in the world. 

In honor of D-Day’s 80th anniversary, AFA’s Gerrity Chapter supported Tinker’s commemorative Combat Dining-Out. The dinner gave Tinker Airmen, members of the public, and the greater Oklahoma defense community an opportunity to learn more about Tinker’s important contributions—and the importance of airpower—in one of the most significant turning points of World War II.

Using $8,000 from AFA National’s heritage fund, the Gerrity Chapter—along with their longtime partner, the Oklahoma Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics—funded the event’s success. They also provided T-shirts that represented the four Armed Forces at the time (the Army and Army Air Corps, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard).

“The Gerrity Chapter’s participation in this significant event furthers AFA’s mission to honor and respect our enduring heritage,” Gerrity Chapter President Walt Kula said. “AFA should be front and center—as well as on the right sleeve—for this remembrance. We were excited to participate.”

U.S. Air Force photo.