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Effective leadership accelerates change, builds teamwork, and creates resilient organizations. Without effective leadership, an organization will never embrace disruptive, out-of-the-box thinking necessary for innovation. The stakes are too high for leaders to “figure it out” by trial and error—especially in a world where mission command is so critical. To this end, the DLC offers transformative leader development programs for leaders at all levels to hone their skills with practical tools, coaching, and professional development opportunities.


Developing viable strategy is a colossal task. Unfortunately, deliberate strategic thinking is often replaced with a “bias for action” that wastes time, resources, and human capital. The DLC uses its unique status in the national security landscape to host engagements between senior defense, government, academic, and industry leaders to work through every stage of the strategy-making process. We bring the key players together to gain strategic insights, develop professional relationships, and turn groundbreaking ideas from our Airmen and Guardians into action.


As the strategic environment evolves, our Airmen and Guardians are facing ever-increasing and complex demands. This reality calls for new ways to accomplish the mission. We believe brilliant problem-solvers abound at every level, both in and out of uniform. The DLC helps bridge the gap between warfighters and their industry counterparts so our Airmen and Guardians know what industry can deliver, and industry understands what warfighters need to win.

Legends of Air & Space Tour

Legends of Air & Space

To celebrate the Department of the Air Force's 75th anniversary, the DLC assembled an amazing group of Air and Space Force living Legends who toured eight Air Force and Space Force bases, shared their stories with more than 3,500 Airmen and Guardians, and offered advice to address the issues they face today.



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