STEM teachers shape the future of our nation - introducing students to exciting new concepts and offering a glimpse into what's possible. The very best educators transform learning into a boundless adventure and prepare their classes to explore new frontiers of technology for the good of us all. Along with grants and scholarships, the Air Force Association believes that recognizing those who educate America's youth is an important aspect of what AFA is all about. Every year, AFA's Teacher of the Year program sponsored by Rolls-Royce proudly honors the commitment and achievements of these extraordinary teachers.

AFA's 2021 National Teacher of the Year is Megan Tucker of Lovettsville, Virginia. Nominated by the Gabriel Chapter, has served the last five years as STEAM Specialist (K-5)/Instructional Facilitator of Technology (K-5 and Professional Development)/Gifted Teacher (K-5 and Professional Development)/Intervention Coordinator, and STEAM Curriculum Consultant at Hillsboro Charter Academy. A 17-year veteran of teaching, she is noted by those around her for her infectious enthusiasm and passion for STEM education, especially in inspiring interest in science in elementary school aged children. Megan is one of the many exceptional teachers AFA recognizes annually.

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The National Teacher of the Year award is presented to a dedicated K-12 educator and AFA State Teacher of the Year winner. This honor recognizes STEM educators for their outstanding classroom performance, collaborative initiatives, educational outreach, leadership, and significant impact in the school and community.

Guidelines Criteria

To be eligible the candidate must be submitted by their respective AFA State leaders. The candidate must be a former AFA State Teacher of the Year selected during the most recent past two years. Applications must be submitted by the deadline of June 30.            

National Teacher of the Year Full Guidelines

Suggestions for National Teacher of the Year Nomination Packages


The State Teacher of the Year award honors exemplary K-12 educators and Chapter Teacher of the Year winners at the AFA State level who make a profound difference in the lives of their students and in their community.

Guidelines and Criteria

To be eligible the AFA State candidate must be a current AFA Chapter Teacher of Year. The deadline for nomination submissions is April 30.

State Teacher of the Year Full Guidelines


Local AFA chapters select one Teacher of the Year for this award, which salutes those classroom educators who steer their students toward greatness in STEM fields. 

Guidelines and Criteria

Chapters may select one ToY from any grade level (K-12) for submission to AFA National to receive award components. If the chapter wishes to recognize more than one Chapter ToYs, they may do so but would need to contact AFA National to purchase additional Chapter ToY award components. The deadline for nomination submission is April 30.

Chapter Teacher of the Year Full Guidelines