Who We Help

AFA's Wounded Airman Program (WAP) supports the 11,000 Airmen enrolled in the Air Force Wounded Warrior program (AFW2) and their families. Approximately 103 new Airmen are enrolled each month.

In addition, AFW2 continues to provide overarching support to Space Force professionals through Air Force Casualty and Medical Systems.

The Air Force defines a wounded warrior as "any Airman who is seriously wounded, ill, or injured that may require a Medical Evaluation Board/Physical Evaluation Board to determine fitness for duty." Eligibility is based on:

  • Very seriously or seriously wounded, ill, or injured on the Casualty Morning Report or by a Department of Defense medical authority
  • Airmen with highly-complex medical conditions that are service-related or were sustained in the line of duty and confirmed by a DoD medical authority (including tick-borne illnesses, cancer, invisible wounds [PTSD/TBI], chemical exposure, etc.); final approval authority is AFPC/DPFW
  • Airmen diagnosed with service-related or in the line of duty PTSD, TBI, or MST, verified by a DoD medical authority and under consideration or referral for a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB)
  • Purple Heart recipients
  • Air Reserve Components (ARC) who were retained for more than six months on Title 10 medical orders or returned to Title 10 orders for deployment-related conditions