Sponsorship Opportunities

AFA believes it is our duty to help ensure our heroes and families don’t have to navigate illness or injury alone. Through our Wounded Airmen & Guardians Program, in partnership with the United States Air Force, we provide Airmen, Guardians, and their loved ones with emergency financial assistance, travel assistance to rehabilitative activities, sports equipment that aids recovery, and opportunities to connect with a supportive network.


Sponsors make our Wounded Airmen & Guardians Program possible. Contact Kari Voliva at kvoliva@afa.org to inquire about sponsorship opportunities.


“Thanks for all you do to support our community. Your efforts don’t just
change lives…it saves them as well.”   – Jimmy Counts, Wounded Airman

“I am convinced that the support of AFA’s Wounded Airman Program kept my husband alive and planted hope during one of our lowest points. To see him thrive today is amazing and keeps me motivated. We have heard similar stories from other families, which is a testimony to the wide impact AFA’s Wounded Airman Program has made. I encourage support of AFA’s Wounded Airman Program as one of the best investments for direct support of our wounded military and veteran Air Force families.”   – Carrie Fisher, Caregiver