The Air Force Association honors our outstanding chapters and chapter leaders by recognizing their achievements and service in local communities. Chapters devote their time and talents to promoting a dominant Air Force and to connecting the entire Air Force Family. AFA Field Awards are a token of our appreciation for everything they do to increase public understanding of key national security issues in their local communities and to promote the AFA's Mission.

The Outstanding State Organization Award is awarded to the state organization which has distinguished itself in the following areas: overall programming by the state organization and its chapters (including an annual state convention), new member procurement in the state, and communications, which includes timely submission of financial reports and the quality of activity by the state organization and its chapters. 

The Unit of the Year award is presented to the AFA chapter which has distinguished itself in all areas. This includes new member procurement, community relations, aerospace education, overall programming, best single program, and communications. 

The Outstanding Chapter Award is presented to the most outstanding chapter in each size category. Chapters will be judged on their accomplishments in the following areas: new member procurement, community relations, aerospace education, overall programming, best single program,  and  communications. Outstanding Chapters are selected from the top chapters in each size category.

The Exceptional Service Award is given for outstanding accomplishment in each of the following fields: community relations, overall programming, best single program, veteran's affairs, airman and family programs, Unit/AAS/SW Integration, and communications. (Each shall have equal distinction, with no precedence.) There is an additional Exceptional Service Award in the field of Community Partners. 

AFA chapters that have met the AE Achievement Award criteria for the current award year are eligible to win the Aerospace Education Excellence Award for exceptional programs in their size category. Only one will be awarded per size category. 

AFA Chapters that complete the three Aerospace Education Goals under the AFA Strategic Plan (to educate the public about the critical role of aerospace power in the defense of our nation) will receive the Aerospace Education Achievement Award.  

The three Aerospace Education goals are:

  1. Reach the grassroots (non-choir audiences) through at least one outreach program per year
  2. Implement the Teacher of the Year recognition program
  3. Participate in at least one aerospace education program per year