Financial Assistance Grants


Sometimes life gets hard. AFA's Wounded Airman Program is standing by to support our wounded Airmen and caregivers when they need our help.

We offer financial assistance grants that can cover anything from help with a rent payment to avoid eviction to providing a gas card so an Airman can get to a new job before she receives her first paycheck. We also provide grants for adaptive equipment to help Airmen rehabilitate through adaptive sports. All financial assistance grants are provided directly to the bill collector or vendor with no checks being cut directly to Airmen.

All financial assistance grant requests must be coordinated through an Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) Recovery Care Coordinator or Non-Medical Case Manager. Once it has been validated that the need cannot be met by the Air Force, the Veterans Administration, Air Force Aid Society, or other key agencies, the AFW2 Region Lead submits a grant request to AFA's Wounded Airman Program. By design, the Wounded Airman Program exists to fill in the gaps and make sure all the needs of our wounded Airmen are met.

All financial assistance grant requests go before AFA's Wounded Airman Program Committee. The committee performs an ethics review, reviews the Airman's budget for long term sustainability, approves or denies the request, and determines the level of support the grant will cover.

In emergency situations, AFA's Wounded Airman Program can approve and process financial assistance grants within 24 hours. We act quickly when we need to, such as paying an electric bill the same day we learn of the need so a wounded Airman's children will not be affected by the power getting shut off. When life gets hard, AFA's Wounded Airman Program is there for our Airmen and their families.