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The Air, Space & Cyber Conference is the premier defense industry event. Exhibiting is one of the best investment opportunities for your teams providing key opportunities to interact face-to-face with not only the Air Force, DoD, Congress, Foreign Air Forces, but also industry giants who may also need your products and services. There is no better way to get your company leadership and branding directly in front of decision-makers.

To help you have the best ASC experience possible below are a number of helpful tips, loads of ‘need-to-know’ information, important rules and regulations, show FAQs, first-time exhibitor guide, and much more!

If for whatever reason you aren’t finding your needed information below, please feel free to contact Perry Currier directly at

Exhibiting with us for the first time and need guidance? AFA offers a First-Time Exhibitor Program by contacting Freeman Exhibitor Services at 888-508-5054 or email at

ASC Quick Facts sheet offers loads of information on everything booth, freight, move-in/move- out hours, and much more - Link for QuickFacts

Have questions on anything Pre-Show, Show Site, or Post-Show? - Link for FAQ

Need to order carpet, A/V, or other products or services for your booth? - Link for FreemanOnline

Trying to register but don't know your PIN? - Please contact Razak Kadiri at

Need help with freight? Please contact Freeman Exhibit Transportation directly at (800) 995-3579, Outside the US? Call +1 (817) 607-5183 for International Shipping Services or email

Need to conduct an over-night build/break down? Please contact Ellen Druby at for full details.

Are you interested in exhibiting as a non-profit and need help? Please contact Perry Currier at

Are you needing meeting space outside of the exhibit?  Please contact Perry Currier at

AFA welcomes companies of all sizes to exhibit and sponsor at the Air, Space & Cyber Conference. We want our industry partners to be actively engaged with AFA members throughout the year and which is why Corporate Membership is required for eligibility to exhibit or sponsor at the conference. Corporate Membership provides numerous opportunities to bring your products, services, thought leadership, and programs to the attention of Air Force decision makers and helps AFA continue its mission of promoting a dominant United States Air Force. If you are not yet a Corporate Member please contact Abigail Remy at 703-247-5847 or aremy@afa.orgLearn more about Corporate Membership

AFA Information Contacts:

Booth sales:

Ron Bates
NTP - National Trade Productions

Questions about sponsoring or show site:

Perry Currier
AFA- Exhibitor & Sales Manager

Questions about Corporate Membership:

Abigail Remy
AFA - Corporate Membership Manager