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AFIT School of Systems and Logistics | Booth #1539

​The AFIT School of Systems and Logistics provides Air and Space Force Professional Continuing Education (PCE) courses that can be in residence at AFIT, on-site at locations throughout the world, or, through a variety of distance learning modes. Students have completed over 50,000 PCE courses through the school, with courses lasting from as little as one hour via web-based methods to 13 weeks via resident education.

AFOTEC | Booth #1608

The Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center (AFOTEC), the Air Force Test Center (AFTC), and the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center (USAFWC) contribute significantly to acquisition by executing test and evaluation of new capabilities and upgraded systems. Nothing that they do, however, directly benefits them. Instead, all that the test personnel of AFOTEC, AFTC, and USAFWC accomplish serves to support the warfighter.

AFPKI SPO | Booth #1604

The Air Force Public Key Infrastructure System Program Office (AF PKI SPO) is a recognized leader in the DoD for PKI implementation, certificate issuance, token management, and customer support services that provide secure information and identity assurance across the DAF enterprise. By leveraging a pervasive platform of transparent identity assurance and cybersecurity capabilities, the AF PKI SPO enables the DAF with flexible, trusted communications in and across every theater of operations.

AFWERX | Booth #703

AFWERX and SAF/SB are catalysts for agile Air Force engagement across industry, academia and non-traditional contributors to create transformative opportunities and foster an Air Force culture of innovation.  Together, we are changing the landscape of Air Force innovation through small business engagement, workshops, prototyping sprints, design challenges and more to create an open environment of ideation and collaboration to solve problems and enhance the effectiveness of the Air Force.

Air Force CyberWorx | Booth #1503

AF CyberWorx is an Air Force innovation organization focused on Human-Centered Design, futures, and emerging technology. We are homed at USAFA and operationally tied to ACC. We have worked with the Air Force and Space Force, COCOMs, MAJCOMs, and program offices. We develop and run customized events for AF Stakeholders to develop COAs and/or prototypes for organizations to further develop. We harness stakeholders, users, Industry and Academia to solve the AF’s most complex problems.

Air Force Recruiting | Booth #1632

BrainGu | Booth #933

BrainGu is a technology company specializing in developer-centric DevSecOps platforms and operator-driven applications. We solve complex challenges by taking a human approach to incubating and scaling technologies that solve real-world problems in the hands of operators and mission owners. BrainGu’s platforms deliver solutions that are resilient, scalable, repeatable, and secure for warfighters at the speed of relevance. We deliver results in weeks, not years.

Air Force Research Laboratory | Booth #603

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) – Booth #403 AFRL is the primary scientific research and development center for the US Air Force. AFRL leads the discovery, development and delivery of affordable warfighting technologies for our air, space and cyberspace forces. Headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, AFRL’s nationwide workforce of 11,500 employees supports a diverse portfolio ranging from basic and applied research to advanced technology development. www.afresearchlab.com

Air Force Safety Center | Booth #1604

The safety mission for the Department of the Air Force is to increase combat power through risk management, training, and analysis. To accomplish this mission, a mix of dedicated servicemembers and government civilians are engaged in global actions to develop, train, implement, execute, and evaluate U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force mishap prevention programs and policy for the broad spectrum of aviation, occupational, weapons, and space operations. Combat capability is preserved, readiness of the force is maximized, and utmost lethality is promoted when safety hazards and risks are minimized through mishap prevention efforts and informed risk management decisions. The Safety Enterprise remains focused an operational force maximizing readiness in any environment.

Air University | Booth #203

Air University (AU) is the intellectual and leadership-development center of the Air and Space Forces. AU provides the full spectrum of Air Force education, encompassing pre-commissioning programs for new officers; graduate programs in specialized military disciplines; progressive, career-long professional military development for officer, enlisted, and civilian Airmen; and specialized programs for US cabinet appointees, senior executive service (SES) civilians, and general officers.

Allied Powers LLC | Booth #118

Amazon Business | Booth #1437

Amazon Business is changing the world of procurement. We simplify the purchasing process to make it easier for our customers to get the products they need.

American Data Solutions | Booth #206

The Best IETM – MDDV Our leading IETM software MDDV is widely considered as the best IETM in the market, and part of our comprehensive SWEEFT software-suite that also includes I-See, LOG, Parts Wizard, MDDT, LiveWire and our CSDB. Using MDDV for aircraft maintenance saves between 20% and 30% on all maintenance actions (!) – Independent AF research (2018)

American Rheinmetall Defense | Booth #1206

American Rheinmetall Defense delivers next-generation capabilities addressing today’s highest modernization priorities including advanced direct and long-range precision fires, soldier lethality, and combat vehicles – solutions that ensure our military achieves not just overmatch on the battlefield today, but for years to come.

Anduril Industries | Booth #803

Anduril Industries is a defense technology company with the mission to transform US and allied military capabilities with advanced technology. Anduril utilizes advancements including AI, computer vision, sensor fusion, optics and automation to solve complex national security challenges. Anduril was founded in 2017 and is based in Southern California.

Applied Intuition | Booth #835

Applied Intuition is the foremost enabler of autonomous systems development in the air, sea, and sky. Our suite of simulation, validation, and sensor data log management software provides an end-to-end test and development platform to get autonomous systems fielded rapidly. Applied’s defense and government work builds on its years of experience in the commercial sector, where 17 of the top 20 global OEMs rely on Applied’s solutions to develop, test, and deploy autonomous systems at scale.

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Armament Directorate | Booth #1525

The U.S. Air Force Armament Directorate is the premier Air Force weapon acquisition organization, responsible for the execution of all life-cycle activities for air-to-air and air-to-ground weapon systems. The Armament Directorate designs, produces, and sustains munitions for U.S. and allied nations to defeat a spectrum of enemy targets. The Armament Directorate seeks innovative ideas to deliver war-winning capabilities to our warfighters. Innovate with us today at http://www.aflcmc.af.mil/AFWeapons.

AT&T | Booth #910

Technology is complex, and transformation is fast. AT&T combines a leading portfolio with continuous innovation and investment in our networks to move your mission forward. We’re a leader in public sector communication and connectivity. With experience across government, education, and other industries, we deliver the insights and highly secure solutions. Let our experts solve your challenges and accelerate outcomes. Your organization deserves the AT&T difference—a new standard for networking.

ATAC | Booth #1115

ATAC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Textron Inc, is the proven industry leader in providing contracted Red Air services for US and Allied military customers. With over 25 years and 85,000 flight hours of experience, ATAC is expanding its fleet to include modern tactical fighter aircraft and advanced systems demanded by today’s ADAIR customers. ATAC focuses on delivering high-end capabilities in threat-representative airframes at an affordable cost for all of our customers.


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BAE Systems | Booth #402

At BAE Systems, our dedication and commitment show in everything we create and deliver—from advanced electronic systems to cyber operations and intelligence analysis, from combat vehicles to naval weapons, and from ship maintenance and modernization to vehicle upgrades and services. We push the edge with the technologies we create and the services we deliver to provide a critical advantage to our customers where it counts.

BeaverFit | Booth #105

BeaverFit is the leading supplier of human performance and tactical training solutions to support the success of the Human Weapon System. Veteran owned and operated, BeaverFit provides Americanmade solutions that meet the requirements and needs of military units in any environment. From the original container gym solution to full-scale human performance and tactical training facilities, BeaverFit is the trusted partner in creating solutions to support the growing needs of our military.

Beehive Industries | Booth #138

Belkin International | Booth #134

Cyber-attacks on government systems are increasing at an exponential rate and can result in catastrophic loss of state secrets, military data, and classified documents. They can also take down entire systems, destroy valuable equipment, and leave government agencies vulnerable. Belkin Secure KVM solutions are designed to protect against vulnerabilities at the desktop and maintain air-gap isolation between secure and non-secure networks, while enabling a productive, flexible work space.

Bell | Booth #1403

Bell is an industry-leading producer of commercial and military, manned and unmanned vertical-lift aircraft and the pioneer of the revolutionary tiltrotor aircraft. Globally recognized for world-class customer service, innovation and superior quality, Bell’s global workforce serves customers flying Bell aircraft in more than 120 countries. Bell’s parent company, Textron Inc., a multi-industry company, continues to grow as an industry leader in aviation and military products.

Blackbridge Defense | Booth #1436

We enhance battlefield efficiency by delivering products developed and tested by the end users. We engineer the solutions needed to win the fight. Our engineering capabilities are evident in our patented and field-tested products.

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Boeing | Booth #425

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and innovative manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. A top U.S. exporter, Boeing products and services include commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, C4ISR, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, and performance-based logistics and training. Boeing Defense, Space & Security is headquartered in Arlington, VA. Follow us on Twitter: @BoeingDefense.

BOH Solutions | Booth #1412

BOH Solutions was founded in 1998 to provide the US military with mobile and durable storage solutions. Our storage systems improve inventory management, increase efficiency, and reduce logistics footprints. Over the past 20 years, we have expanded our offerings to include a range of rapid deployable solutions for military, Allied Forces, and commercial customers worldwide.


CAE | Booth #128

CAE Defense & Security is at the leading edge of digital innovation, providing training and mission support solutions across multi-domain operations – air, land, maritime, space and cyber. Our training and operational support solutions support customers who operate in complex, high-stakes environments where mission readiness and successful outcomes are critical.

CAES | Booth #816

CAES pioneers advanced electronics for the most technologically challenging systems. As a leading provider of advanced RF technology to the US aerospace and defense industry, CAES delivers specialized RF, microelectronic and digital solutions that ensure a safer, more secure planet. On land, at sea and in the air, CAES products and manufacturing capabilities are at the forefront of innovation.

Chimney Trail Health | Booth #1642

Colorado Office of Economic Development | Booth #104

At the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, we’re here to show you why Colorado is the right choice for your business and your life. When companies choose to do business in Colorado, they know that it means that they’ll be able to tap into our invigorated workforce, partner with innovative executives and collaborate with a business-friendly government that has their bottom line in mind.

Columbia Southern University | Booth #103

Named as one of the top Military Friendly® schools, Columbia Southern University offers online associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in relevant industries. With a military student population of approximately 40 percent, CSU takes great pride in providing GI Bill transferability, AU-ABC, transfer credit for military training and affordable tuition rates for military families. Visit ColumbiaSouthern.edu/Military or call (877) 347-6050 to learn more.

CRFS Inc. | Booth #1138

CRFS is a global leader in RF spectrum monitoring, intelligence, and geolocation solutions. We create rugged deployable systems to detect, identify and geolocate signals in complex RF environments. Our RFeye systems are widely deployed by military, intelligence, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies for a range of missions, including spectrum management and deconfliction, interference hunting, and threat detection.

Crystal Group | Booth #1134

Crystal Group, Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance rugged compute solutions that deliver unmatched reliability for demanding edge applications in extreme environments. This small, employee-owned business specializes in customizing servers, embedded computers, networking devices, displays, and data storage that meet or exceed IEEE, IEC, and military standards. NIST compliant and AS9100D certified.


Dataminr | Booth #1619

First Alert, Dataminr’s product for the public sector, provides the earliest indication of breaking news, enabling the fastest response to critical events. First Alert uses artificial intelligence to detect high-impact events from within 500,000+ publicly available information sources and delivers real-time, breaking news alerts to organizations around the globe. First Alert is the leading Publicly Available Information (PAI) event detection platform serving the US Government.

★ Partner

Decision Lens | Booth #938

Decision Lens is integrated planning software which modernizes how government prioritizes, plans, and funds. Leveraging our unique expertise in decision science, agencies achieve a sustained operational advantage though superior long-term planning, continuous medium-term prioritization and short-term funding execution.

Defense Logistics Agency | Booth #1034

The DLA’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Program is providing a considerable amount of support to the Department of Defense by helping to achieve many aspects of the DoD’s current and future energy strategy. Incorporating fuel cell technology in installation activity will provide the DoD with cutting-edge methods of: Promoting energy independence, Reducing the environmental impact of activities, and Improving operational efficiencies Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies offer potential solutions to energy challenges related to battlefield logistics, energy security, and environmental sustainability. The pilots are engaged in improving the viability of these technologies for use in Department of Defense (DOD) operations.

Dewey Electronics & INI Power Systems | Booth #1139

Since 1955, Dewey Electronics has been the leading resource to the U.S. government for innovative power solutions for some of the toughest applications and environments. That reliability is backed by our expertise in engineering, system design, and full power integration, providing our customers with the exact solutions they need for power generation, power distribution, and energy management. INI Power Systems bridge operational energy capability gaps with portable, multi-fuel JP8 generators

Digigram | Booth #934

Digitrace | Booth #1435


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Elbit America | Booth #1025

Elbit America, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, is a leading provider of high-performance products, system solutions, and support services focusing on the defense, homeland security, law enforcement, commercial aviation, and medical instrumentation markets. With facilities throughout the U.S., Elbit America is dedicated to supporting those who contribute daily to the safety and security of the United States. For additional information, visit: www.ElbitAmerica.com

Electron Energy Corporation | Booth #1237

Since the introduction of rare earth magnets in the 1970s, EEC has been the preferred source for manufacturing and supplying samarium cobalt magnets, as well as neodymium iron boron and alnico, magnet assemblies, and more recently, stators, rotors, and electric motors. EEC provides a consolidated source of design, prototyping, and production across all electric motor components. This enables an easy exchange of design requirements to a single supplier, reducing development timelines.

Embraer | Booth #1236

Embraer Defense & Security is a leader in Latin America’s aerospace and defense industry. Embraer provides military aircraft such as the A-29 Super Tucano and the C-390 Millennium, and also has a full range of integrated solutions that are present in more than 60 countries.

EMCORE Corporation | Booth #1630

EMCORE designs and manufactures the world’s highest-performance Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG), Ring Laser Gyro (RLG), and MEMS inertial sensors and navigation systems. Our products provide precise, reliable navigation, stabilization, positioning, orientation, geolocation, and pointing for autonomous, unmanned, and manned platforms, and deliver clear performance advantages over competing products for a broad array of Aerospace & Defense applications.

Enduralock | Booth #235

Enduralock improves assembly & maintenance times by eliminating safety wire on aircraft/spacecraft and missiles with a mechanically locking, high vibration fastener (that is reversible and reusable) and through the only nut plate that will engage an off-axis bolt and then self-align. An end effector was developed for robotic in-space assembly. This technology is being applied to fuel line and hydraulic fittings. Enduralock invented an electrical, mechanical, and fluid connector for robotic ISAM.

Enveil | Booth #1602

Enveil is a pioneering Privacy Enhancing Technology company protecting Data in Use. Its NIAP/CSfC-certified ZeroReveal® COTS solutions enable Trusted Compute in Untrusted Locations® by ensuring the content of the search, analytic, or machine learning model – and its corresponding results – remain encrypted during processing.

EpiSci | Booth #911

EpiSci is a software company that develops next generation, tactical autonomy solutions for national security problems. Our autonomy software is technology agnostic, operationally informed, tactically relevant. EpiSci delivers unmatched speed, cost-efficiency, and scalability as a partner for defense agencies & industry teams seeking mission-critical autonomy solutions.


ForeFlight | Booth #208

ForeFlight MFB is an enhanced version of the ForeFlight Mobile electronic flight bag that supports global flight operations of government and military pilots with access to US Department of Defense Digital Flight Information Publications (D-FLIP). ForeFlight MFB gives military, government, and DOD pilots the tools they need for flight planning, weather, briefing, filing, checklist, and more – all in a user-friendly interface that simplifies planning, flying, and flight logging workflows.

Freedom Space Technologies | Booth #1535

Freedom Space™ is purpose-built to address the unique requirements of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) by contributing to the advancement of National Security Space capabilities. As a trusted mission partner, Freedom Space plays a vital role in enabling these organizations to achieve their strategic objectives and ensuring continued mission success.

FSI Defense | Booth #211

FSI Defense provides fixed and rotor-wing training and instruction for pilots and technicians to the US Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and international defense customers.


GasTops, Inc. | Booth #1335

GasTOPS Inc is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business located in Huntsville, AL. We provide a suite of products and services to thoroughly assess the health and capability of oil-wetted components in critical equipment by applying new technologies to legacy processes.

★ ★ ★ ★ Partner

GE Aerospace | Booth #611

GE Aerospace is a world-leading provider of jet engines, components and systems for commercial and military aircraft with a global service network to support these offerings. GE Aerospace and its joint ventures have an installed base of more than 39,000 commercial and 26,000 military aircraft engines, and the business is playing a vital role in shaping the future of flight. For more information, visit us at https://www.geaerospace.com/

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General Atomics | Booth #125

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA‐ASI) – the world leader in Remotely Piloted Aircraft – is integrating new capabilities to expand MQ-9 missions today as we look to the future. We’re developing autonomous RPA that will reshape the battlefield of tomorrow with cross-domain synergies and operational flexibility, while creating Mojave, a new expeditionary UAS. General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems offers precision guided & long-range maneuvering munitions & satellite solutions.

★ ★ Partner

General Dynamics Mission Systems | Booth #1125

General Dynamics Mission Systems provides mission critical solutions to those that lead, serve and protect the world we live in. We are a technology integrator and original equipment manufacturer with deep domain expertise in ground, sea, air, space and cyberspace. Our technology and products are often built into platforms and integrated systems to make them smarter.

Georgia Tech Research Institute | Booth #336

Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) develops advanced technological solutions and large-scale system prototypes to address the most difficult problems in national security, economic development and overall human betterment. Positioned within Georgia Tech, our core research areas include complex and agile systems engineering, sensor design and integration, information management and cyber security, and defense technology development.

Glenair, Inc. | Booth #1625

Glenair is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge connector and accessory hardware. Mil-Spec and custom connectors and systems available in all formats and technologies. Backshells, cables, braiding, tools and accessories round out the available product offerings for one source of supply.

Google Cloud | Booth #330

Google Public Sector is helping federal, state, and local governments empower their workforce and improve the lives of their constituents with our secure, interoperable, intelligent platform. Whether your organization is looking to build new applications in the cloud or transform your current infrastructure, we can help modernize service delivery to focus on your mission.

★ Partner

Gulfstream Aerospace | Booth #1317

Since 1967, governments and institutions have trusted Gulfstream to create airborne platforms for a range of specialized duties. Organizations in over 40 countries operate more than 200 Gulfstream aircraft customized for head-of-state and VIP transport, airborne early warning, maritime surveillance, intelligence gathering, search and rescue, medevac or atmospheric and scientific research.

High Point Aerotechnologies | Booth #1531

Liteye Systems is a Multi-Mission / Multi-Domain Defense technology solutions provider and integrator of military and commercial counter unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS), helmet-mounted displays, thermal cameras, augmented weapons sights and radar systems. The company provides integrated solutions for ground-based, air-based and shipboard platforms. With a focus on defense, Liteye Systems has been providing advanced technologies to the Department of Defense since 2000.


HevenDrones | Booth #1538

Founded in 2019, HevenDrones aims to revolutionize the drone economy by overcoming the limitations of lithium-ion batteries. Utilizing hydrogen as a fuel source, we’re enhancing payload capacity, flight distance, and endurance. Our focus is on building advanced platforms, integrating AI for autonomous missions, and delivering unparalleled service. Join us in a future of smarter missions, cleaner skies, and boundless potential. Welcome to HevenDrones

HII | Booth #210

HII develops integrated solutions that enable today’s connected, all-domain force. Capabilities include C5ISR systems and operations; the application of AI and machine learning to battlefield decisions; defensive and offensive cyberspace strategies and EW; unmanned autonomous systems; LVC solutions; fleet modernization; and critical nuclear operations.

HTX Labs | Booth #236

Hypori | Booth #136

Hypori Halo delivers zero-trust access to enterprise apps and data via a separate, secure virtual device from any smartphone or tablet. As a virtual BYOD solution, Hypori Halo guarantees end-user privacy, zero-trust access, and no data at rest on the device. The unique separation of the secure virtual device eliminates risk of data spillage and prevents malware on the physical device from entering the virtual device, giving personnel AND employers a solution they can trust.


ICSG | Booth #1513

The Integrated Communications Systems Group, A Division of Mathtech Inc., is 50 years old and is a certified small business. Our production intercom system, the AN/AYQ-27, is flight qualified and has application across fighter, attack, trainer, helicopter, and cargo aircraft platforms. We designed the ICS with SWAP initiatives. We now have a disruptive ICS configuration concept to share. We have a demonstrable integrated Wireless Comm’s Package, TacWIS. Please visit our booth for details.

Idea Entity | Booth #936

IMSAR | Booth #739

IMSAR is a global leader in the development and manufacture of high performance, multi-mode, low SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) Synthetic Aperture Radars. IMSAR radar systems complement FMV EO/IR and EW systems, produce high-resolution SAR imagery; detect subsurface explosive hazards and objects beneath foliage; detect, identify, and track moving targets; and connect people, vehicles, and places, all from a small UAV or a manned aircraft. Let IMSAR show you how we are democratizing radar!

Infleqtion | Booth #109

Infleqtion delivers high-value quantum information precisely where it is needed. By operating at the Edge, our software-configured, quantum-enabled products deliver unmatched levels of precision and power, generating streams of high-value information for commercial organizations, the United States, and allied governments. With 16 years of ColdQuanta’s pioneering quantum research as our foundation, our hardware products and AI-powered solutions address critical market needs.

InnoVet | Booth #1336

Intrepid | Booth #939

Intrepid is a small business provider of services and technologies supporting the Department of Defense, including the Air Force, the U.S. Army, and the Missile Defense Agency with distinction since 2002. As a prime contractor, we seek to be the partner of choice for DoD agencies and our teammates by delivering excellence in engineering and technical support, program management, and contract execution.

IS4S | Booth #1636

Integrated Solutions for Systems, Inc. (IS4S) is an employee-owned small business providing a wide range of engineering and management solutions to government, military, and commercial customers. Founded in 2008, IS4S specializes in PNT, missile system engineering, energetic research and development, vehicle electronics, additive manufacturing, electronic hardening, physics-based modeling and simulation, and other innovative technologies using the modular open systems approach (MOSA).

★ Partner

IT Cadre | Booth #1211

IT Cadre provides customers Trusted Insight® and helps them achieve their most important transformational initiatives and programs. Using Visualization Engineering®, IT Cadre performs an integrated analysis creating an enterprise view where the people, process, infrastructure, systems, and data views come together in a comprehensive and easy to understand format. Visit IT Cadre’s Booth #1211 to learn more about how our methods provide customers a means to gain consensus and visibility.


★ Partner

Jacobs | Booth #202

At Jacobs, we’re challenging today to reinvent tomorrow by solving the world’s most critical problems for thriving cities, resilient environments, mission-critical outcomes, operational advancement, scientific discovery and cutting-edge manufacturing, turning abstract ideas into realities that transform the world for good. With $15 billion in revenue and a talent force of 60,000, Jacobs provides a full spectrum of professional services for the government and private sector.

★ ★ ★ Partner

JobsOhio | Booth #635

Ohio’s federal and military installations are at the forefront of U.S. innovation, spanning the state from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to NASA Glenn Research Center. Along with Battelle, the national aerospace labs that forge the future of our lives in air and space work in Ohio. Ohio is proud to be the home to an array of federal & military installations contributing nearly $40 billion to the overall economy.


Kearfott | Booth #1638

Kearfott is a leader in the design, manufacture & support of guidance, navigation & motion-control products for aerospace, defense, energy exploration & unmanned system markets. For over 100 years, Kearfott has been dedicated to providing quality, reliability, and cutting-edge technology to customers worldwide to meet their sea, land, air, and space requirements. Kearfott is a wholly owned subsidiary of Astronautics Corporation of America.

★ Partner

KIHOMAC | Booth #1109

KIHOMAC is a Veteran-Owned Small Business formed in 2003 providing engineering, manufacturing, and technical services to both Government and Industry customers. With over 350 employees located across the U.S., including in our major engineering & manufacturing facility in Layton UT, we specialize in application of new technology to legacy weapon systems. We are experts in technology insertion and the development and adaptation of new hardware, software and manufacturing solutions.

King Crow Studios | Booth #1639

King Crow Studios is a digital media company that designs and develops the next generation of proven training solutions. Our award winning STEP System, a data-driven, cutting edge XR technology, analyzes, optimizes, and evolves existing training protocols. The end result is the rapid acceleration of knowledge transfer, skills development, and error reduction with proven results from a trusted brand.

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions | Booth #1217

Kratos develops and fields transformative, affordable systems, platforms and products for national security and communications needs. Kratos is focused in areas where tech advances can have a force multiplier effect, such as unmanned systems, satellite communications, C5ISR, warfighter training and combat systems.


★ ★ ★ ★ Partner

L3Harris | Booth #916

L3Harris Technologies is an agile global aerospace and defense technology innovator, delivering end-to-end solutions that meet customers’ mission-critical needs. The company provides advanced defense and commercial technologies across air, land, sea, space and cyber domains. L3Harris has approximately $18 billion in annual revenue and 48,000 employees, with customers in more than 100 countries. L3Harris.com.

★ Partner

Leidos | Booth #303

Leidos is a Fortune 500® technology, engineering, and science solutions and services leader working to solve the world’s toughest challenges in the defense, intelligence, civil, and health markets. The company’s 47,000 employees support vital missions for government and commercial customers. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Leidos reported annual revenues of approximately $14.4 billion for the fiscal year ended December 30, 2022. For more information, visit www.Leidos.com.

Leonardo Electronics | Booth #1232

Leonardo Electronics US Inc. designs, produces, services, and supports defense, security, medical, and industrial segments. Our sensor technologies such as BriteCloud, EAD, Osprey Radar, and Laser Technologies, contribute to the world’s leading defense and aerospace solutions. We are headquartered in Arlington, VA with, design, research, and manufacturing facilities in Tucson, AZ, and Huntsville, AL. Learn more at Leonardo.us.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Partner

Lockheed Martin | Booth #625

Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 114,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.

Lumena MindGym | Booth #737


Marotta Controls | Booth #1208

Discover next-generation control technologies for your mission critical applications. Marotta is advancing aerospace and weapons platforms capability with innovative control solutions for military and commercial programs around the world. Our growing portfolio includes award-winning power supplies, advanced control actuation systems and a wide variety of electronic motor controls. Stop by our stand to meet our team and learn more about our solutions capabilities – Booth #1208.

Marshall Aerospace | Booth #1334

Marshall Aerospace delivers innovation and excellence in engineering, support solutions and services on civil and military aircraft platforms. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, and with offices in Canada and in the UAE, we have a worldwide customer base. Marshall Aerospace specializes in the conversion, modification, maintenance and support of civil and military aircraft and the provision of personnel, training and technical advice.

Martin-Baker | Booth #1202

Martin-Baker is excited to be exhibiting at the 2024 AFA Warfare Symposium. We have our latest product, the Mk18 Seat on show that offers the very highest ejection performance to meet the most demanding physiological requirements. The Mk18 has been selected by Lockheed Martin for the new F-16 Block 70/72 and is being offered for many more. Backed by 78 years of continuous development, Martin-Baker has saved the lives of 7,690 aircrew worldwide, of which 3,564 are US aircrew.

Marvin Test Solutions | Booth #810

Marvin Test Solutions is a vertically integrated aerospace test company, and a business unit of The Marvin Group. We will feature the innovative MTS-3060A SmartCan™ Universal O-Level Armament Systems Test Set — the Agile Combat Employment and Multi-capable airmen enabler for all armed aircraft — with comprehensive test capability in a handheld test set that is easy to deploy, use and maintain. It is the most capable, cybersecure flightline armament test set for 4th & 5th generation aircraft.

Mercury Systems | Booth #1411

Mercury Systems is a technology company that makes the world a safer, more secure place. We push processing power to the tactical edge, making the latest commercial technologies profoundly more accessible for today’s most challenging aerospace and defense missions. From silicon to system scale, Mercury enables customers to accelerate innovation and turn data into decision superiority.

MFGS, Inc. | Booth #102

MFGS, Inc. is the trusted advisor to the U.S. Government, its partners, and system integrators for achieving optimal efficiency throughout an agency’s enterprise software architecture. We bring a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-grade software solutions and a deep understanding of how DOD agencies operate to support your entire software development lifecycle, enabling you to securely plan, build, deliver, and run your mission. https://www.mfgsinc.com/usaf

Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics | Booth #114

Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics manufactures, overhauls and repairs aircraft instruments, avionics and advanced power solutions for the global aerospace industry. Products and services support general, business and commercial aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), defense, and special missions aircraft.

MOAA | Booth #834

MOAA is your trusted military association, here to protect your family’s earned benefits. From securing active duty pay raises and ensuring easy access to top-quality healthcare, to making career guidance, community support, and scholarship programs available to your family – we Never Stop Serving® our military. Join today! www.moaa.org/joinfree

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Mobilize | Booth #1609

Mobilize Joint Innovation System (JINS) JINS Overview: Coordination – deduplicate, locate, and progress initiatives. Provides leadership with strategic foresight to advance while syncing portfolios across the organization. Campaigns – the creation of ideas, policy changes, management, and data analysis. Connector – Ignite SBIR/STTR (partnership AFWERX) – tools that enable government users to discover, communicate, and match to SBC’s for engagement and scaled initiatives.

Morpheus | SSG | Booth #1507

Morpheus is the Strategic Innovation and Incubation Cell within the USAF CSAFs’ Strategic Studies Group. This small collective of Expert Generalists is positioned to identify and bridge gaps that exist across the Air Force Innovation Ecosystem. They do this by Connecting with Air Force and Industry Innovators, Communicating the Strategic perspective of Sr. Leaders both up and down the Air Force, helping to Transition Innovation efforts, and focusing on valuing our AF Human Capital.

Motorola Solutions, Inc. | Booth #1311 & 1410

Motorola Solutions keeps you connected, secured, and informed with converged voice, video, and data capabilities over LMR, LTE, & 5G. Our video security solutions and E911 platforms help make informed decisions using analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation. Our communications connect teams with multi-domain communication platforms in a Zero Trust environment.


National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency | Booth #838

★ Partner

Navy Mutual | Booth #735

Since 1879, Navy Mutual has provided life insurance and annuity products to members of the uniformed services and their families. More than just an insurance provider, Navy Mutual is also the nation’s oldest Veterans Service Organization, educating the military community on matters of financial security and helping veterans and survivors secure the benefits they have earned through service. For more information, visit NavyMutual.org.

★ ★ ★ Partner

NextEra Energy, Inc. | Booth #1110

NextEra Energy is driving America’s clean energy transformation. We own Florida Power & Light Company, the largest rate-regulated electric utility in the United States, and NextEra Energy Resources, the world’s largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and sun and a world leader in battery storage and green hydrogen.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Partner

Northrop Grumman | Booth #410

Northrop Grumman is a technology company, focused on global security and human discovery. Our pioneering solutions equip our customers with capabilities they need to connect, advance and protect the U.S. and its allies. Driven by a shared purpose to solve our customers’ toughest problems, our 90,000 employees define possible every day.

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Norwich University | Booth #234

Norwich University offers master’s degrees, bachelor’s degree completion and certificates for working adults – all 100% online. As a Senior Military College, we bring over 200 years of excellence to our innovative online programs with services, tuition, and scholarships especially for our military and veteran students. Highly sought-after programs include Cybersecurity, Leadership, Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis, Defense Policy, International Affairs, and Military History.


Omega Air | Booth #1611

Omega provides contract air-to-air refueling with a fleet of specially-equipped and converted tankers to serve as air-refueling platforms that meet the operational needs of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and U.S. allies. Omega currently provides probe and drogue refueling services as well as boom refueling services for UARSSI receivers.

Omni Federal | Booth #111

Digital University (DU) is a training platform that provides anytime access to Silicon Valley accredited training in the most in-demand Operational Cyber Career Pathways. Currently, DU serves over 75,000 learners across the DoD with a 32,000+ course catalog across Udemy, Pluralsight, Data Camp, Cloud Academy, Coursera, Workera, and Udacity.

Oneida Innovations Group, LLC | Booth #1007

Oneida Innovations Group (OIG) is a tribally-owned 8(a)-certified firm providing a variety of IT systems and engineering support. We specialize in Air Operations Center (AOC)/C2 systems and IT modernization projects; cybersecurity, cyber intelligence analysis and TEMPEST management; agile software engineering and DevSecOps; onsite IT facility management for help desk, systems administration and network infrastructure O&M; Foreign Military Sales for IT modernization of systems.


Parker Meggitt | Booth #1107

Parker Meggitt Defense Systems specializes in the design, manufacture, integration and operation of scoring systems and services, towed targets, thermal management systems and components including fans, pumps and compressors, ammunition handling systems, airborne pods and countermeasure deployment used to support armed forces agencies worldwide.

Parry Labs | Booth #1534

Parry Labs brings digital transformation to the tactical edge with unmatched speed, affordability, and performance. Our Stellar Relay Systems and GEMMI command and control system are fully open, MOSA-compliant solutions that give customers advantage in Multi-Domain Operations. As a leading digital systems integrator, Parry Labs leverages the full potential of a cloud-based infrastructure to provide continuous upgrade and modernization of mission systems in the air, on the ground, or at sea.

PatchPlus Consulting Inc. | Booth #734

PatchPlus Consulting (PPC) – 100% military & SCI SMEs deliver ISR-Space-Cyber-Mobility-Joint Warfighter Training, Technology and Tradecraft services, onsite & distributed. We offer on-podium, virtual & mobile instruction (e.g. EW, Advanced Analysis Courses, JADOC), Maritime ISR training, support to Red/Space Flags & LVC exercises. We support emerging tech: 120+ SBIR/STTRs, IRADs, CRADAs, use cases and transition. We consult & collaborate on military tradecraft across air-space-cyber domains!

Performance Plastics | Booth #1137

Correctly and efficiently performing aircraft maintenance requires the correct tools. Patented EnduroSharp® Torlon® aircraft maintenance tools, exclusively from Performance Plastics, are the correct tools. They are non-metallic scraper tools that quickly and effectively remove silicone, sealants, adhesives, and coatings while keeping an effective edge and not damaging underlying materials.

Persistent Systems, LLC | Booth #1011

Persistent Systems, LLC is a global communications technology company that develops and manufactures a patented and secure Mobile Ad hoc Networking (MANET) system: Wave Relay®. Wave Relay® transmits and receives data, video, voice and other applications under the most difficult conditions. Their suite of products is utilized in Commercial, Military, Government, Industrial, Agriculture, Robotics, and Unmanned Systems markets.

Power Technology, Inc. | Booth #1434

Power Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of laser diode products. Founded in 1969, Power Technology’s primary products include Laser Diode Modules and DPSS lasers spanning from 261nm to 12,000nm. We focus on applications in the Defense, BioTech, and Semiconductor markets.

Precision Flight Controls, Inc. | Booth #1133

Established in 1990 in Sacramento, California, Precision Flight Controls, Inc. is recognized as a global leader in providing flight training organizations with affordable, high-fidelity flight simulators and components. PFC Defense extends the company’s reach into military and defense training, specializing in advanced simulation systems and solutions.

ProDIGIQ, Inc. | Booth #110

ProDIGIQ is an innovative technology company that focuses on providing software solutions for the aviation industry. All ProDIGIQ’s solutions are 100% designed, built and supported in the United States. ProDIGIQ’s enterprise-level software suite automates operations, maintenance, and safety management to provide real-time situational awareness and a common operational picture. Our intuitive software solutions also handle intelligent flight scheduling and advanced qualification program management.

Productable | Booth #1511

Running an innovation program can feel like a losing battle, especially in federal agencies. Progress breaks down, stakeholders come and go, and it’s hard to show results, leaving initiatives stranded in the Valley of Death. That’s why we built Productable—a portfolio management platform that guides your team through step-by-step methods for solution development and decision making, helping you de-risk new initiatives and drive the right outcomes faster.

Purdue University | Booth #334

History. Traditions. Achievements. The Boilermaker story is full of milestones that have had a significant impact on our state, nation and world. See for yourself how Purdue fulfills its mission.


RADICL | Booth #239

RADICL provides SMBs serving America’s Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and critical infrastructure Xtended Threat Protection (XTP). RADICL’s purpose-built and proprietary XTP™ Platform delivers deep-spectrum™ threat protection and compliance management that is quick, easy, and affordable. RADICL enables SMBs in the DIB to focus on running a profitable business and not worrying about security and compliance.

Raft | Booth #1239

Raptor Scientific | Booth #1136

Raptor Scientific is a leading aerospace technology company, centered around cutting-edge test and measurement solutions within both the military and commercial markets. Our company offers an extensive range of capabilities, which include Mass Properties tools and analysis, Radar Cross Section measurement instruments, Air Data Test Systems, and Igniter Circuit Testers for users and developers of high-performance products for whom failure is not an option.

Red 6 | Booth #337

Red 6 created the Advanced Tactical Augmented Reality System (ATARS) to provide a repeatable, immersive augmented reality (AR) experience for pilots while airborne. The ATARS system includes a high-resolution headset with ultra-wide field of view display, forward facing camera, eye tracking, head tracking, and night vision, with a compute unit, and revolutionary software to render real-time visuals of artificial intelligence (AI) powered synthetic entities.

★ Partner

Rise8 | Booth #1037

Rise8 delivers Elite Software Development for Critical Missions. Because we believe in a future where fewer bad things happen because of bad software. Rise8 is revolutionizing the way government agencies build, deploy, and utilize critical software. By focusing on Continuous Delivery and leveraging lean product management, user-centered design, and extreme programming, Rise8 delivers outcomes to production up to 25x faster than the traditional software development model.

★ ★ Partner

Rolls-Royce | Booth #225

Rolls-Royce is a leader in the defense aero engine market. With more than 86 million flight hours, our AE family of engines delivers dependable power for the warfighter. We are proud to have been chosen to re-engine the B-52, extending the life of the iconic bomber. From combat to transport, to ISR and electronic attack, to helicopters and lift systems, our American-made engine technologies and service solutions ensure that our customers have leading-edge products to meet the evolving mission.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Partner

RTX | Booth #1225

RTX is the world’s largest aerospace and defense company. Through industry-leading businesses – Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, and Raytheon – we are advancing aviation, engineering integrated defense systems for operational success, and developing next-generation technology solutions and manufacturing to help global customers address their most critical challenges.

RWS Group – Contenta | Booth #237

The RWS Contenta Business Unit delivers the Contenta Publishing Suite to some of the largest and most demanding aerospace and defense companies and military agencies worldwide, enabling them to successfully develop, manage, translate, publish and view technical materials using rigorous aerospace and defense standards such as S1000D.


★ ★ ★ Partner

SAIC | Booth #1303

SAIC® is a premier Fortune 500® technology integrator driving our nation’s technology transformation. Our secure high-end solutions across the defense, space, civilian, and intelligence markets include engineering, digital, artificial intelligence, and mission solutions. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, SAIC has more than 26,500 employees and annual revenues of about $7.1 billion.

★ Partner

Schneider Electric Federal | Booth #1017

With a global footprint, Schneider Electric’s purpose is to empower all to make the most of our world’s energy and resources. Our Federal team’s mission is to provide resilient, efficient, and sustainable digital energy solutions to help our nation modernize infrastructure and enhance national security. We continue to innovate, to explore, to push the boundaries — just as we have done in the United States for over 100 years. Our solutions represent the progress of a forward-thinking nation.

Scientific Systems | Booth #1613

Scientific Systems develops trusted AI for the warfighter. Since 1990, the company has created AI-powered autonomy to command, control, communicate with, and manage composable collections of intelligent agents, smart sensors, and autonomous platforms- across space, air, land, and sea. Navigate, collaborate, and orchestrate at greater mission speeds, with Scientific Systems.

Second Air Force | Booth #1003

Second Air Force is transforming our entire learning ecosystem to develop Airmen and Guardians, our most valuable weapons system against the pacing challenge.

Secretary of the Air Force Office of Diversity and Inclusion | Booth #107

Senior Metal Bellows | Booth #1407

Senior Metal Bellows, a pioneer in defense engineering for over six decades, excels in providing uncompromised performance with Edge-Welded Metal Bellows technology. Our bellows offer unmatched flexibility, zero leakage, and tailored solutions for diverse defense challenges, backed by in-house expertise. We take pride in safeguarding lives and missions as trusted partners to global defense contractors. Join us at AFA Warfare Symposium 2024 to explore innovative defense engineering solutions.

Senspex, Inc. | Booth #1512

Senspex specializes in advanced thermal imaging solutions for surveillance, training, and operations. Our expertise encompasses design, manufacturing, installation, and service of designed EOSS thermal camera systems. Our products incorporate the latest AI/ML capable computing platforms and deliver low latency, high-definition video, target detection, identification, classification, and tracking to military video management systems.

Shield AI | Booth #217

Shield AI is a venture-backed company built around a team of proven executives, warfighters with relevant national security experience, and world-class AI engineers. The company has offices in San Diego, Washington D.C., Dallas, and Abu Dhabi. Shield AI’s products and people are currently in the field actively supporting operations with the U.S. Department of Defense and allies. For more information, visit www.shield.ai.

Shift5 | Booth #1333

Shift5 is the observability platform for onboard operational technology (OT), enabling smarter, faster decisions through real-time data access, contextual insights, and actionable analytics at the edge for aerospace, rail, and defense. Shift5 defends commercial and military fleets as well as weapon systems against operational failures and OT cybersecurity risks.

★ ★ Partner

Sierra Nevada Corporation | Booth #925

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is a trusted leader in innovative, advanced technology solutions and open architecture integrations in aerospace and national security. Best known for its unique mission applications, SNC creates customized solutions for the world’s most pressing technology challenges in the fields of aviation, national security space, electronic warfare, command and control, mission systems and inline cybersecurity.

SimiGon Inc | Booth #1510

SimiGon, a subsidiary of Maxify Solutions Inc., is a leader in providing advanced simulation and training technologies to the United States Armed Forces, friendly nations and top tier defense and aerospace contractors. SimiGon’s solutions and training methods are focused on ensuring military personnel quickly and accurately acquire the essential skills to perform their mission. SimiGon’s flexible software can be customized and leveraged to support virtually any training need.

Space Operations Command | Booth #1039

Space Operations Command is one of three Field Commands of the U.S. Space Force, comprised of thousands of Space Professionals, Guardians and Airmen worldwide. SpOC’s mission is to protect America and our Allies in, from, and to space… now and into the future. Visit our booth and meet Guardians from Space Operations Command Headquarters and Buckley Space Force Base.

Space RCO | Booth #130

STARCOM | Booth #837

Systematic Inc | Booth #115

Systematic, Inc. is a Northern Virginia-based U.S. company that is a leading provider of reliable C4I integration COTS software solutions for the Department of Defense. Our products and services provide warfighters with enhanced situational awareness, world-class interoperability with international allies and coalition forces, and distributed C2 for multi-domain operations.


Tactical Air Support, Inc. | Booth #1517

Tactical Air Support, Inc. (Tactical Air) provides domestic and international “Center of Excellence” level training and advisory services. Operational excellence and an unmatched safety record are our hallmarks. We are more than a commercial air service provider, we are a repository of premium intellectual capital in tactical aviation and related defense and security fields. When you need the most qualified, current, and combat-experienced military aviation experts – turn to Tactical Air.

Terma Inc | Booth #637

Terma North America is a global provider of electronic warfare (EW) self-protection solutions, tactical audio technology, aerostructures and electronics manufacturing services for the aerospace and defense industry. Today, +3,000 military aircraft worldwide are equipped with Terma’s airborne solutions. Aerostructures Manufacturing comprises a world-class facility for design and manufacturing of advanced composite structures.

Thales Defense & Security, Inc. | Booth #1417

Thales delivers innovative solutions to defense, federal, and commercial markets globally ensuring the protection, safety, and security of people and nations on the ground, in the air, and on the seas. We specialize in providing the most capable, reliable, and trusted products and services, enabling our customers to meet their most critical challenges and execute their missions safely and successfully.

Top Aces Corp. | Booth #1203

Top Aces provides advanced adversary air and joint terminal attack controller training to the world’s leading armed forces. It has the largest fleet of commercially operated fighter aircraft in active service and is the world’s only commercial owner/operator of the F-16. Top Aces’ mission-critical training enhances the operational readiness of combat forces by providing real-world experience, while creating significant cost efficiencies and extending the lifecycle of military aircraft fleets.

Trijicon, Inc. | Booth #1310

World-renowned for its innovative applications of tritium and advanced fiber-optics, Trijicon manufactures the most advanced riflescopes and sights for tactical and sporting applications. Backed by a Limited-Lifetime Warranty, Trijicon’s aiming systems are proven in the field. Trijicon is proud to count as our customers the United States Marine Corps, United States Army, United States Special Operations Forces, United States Government, and state and local Law Enforcement.

True Blue Power | Booth #114

True Blue Power specializes in the design and manufacturing of USB chargers, power conversion products, emergency battery power supplies, and advanced lithium-ion batteries. Select products feature NanoPhosphate® lithium-ion technology, resulting in smaller, lighter products that are less than half the size and weight of existing solutions.

TSS Solutions | Booth #124

TSS Solutions, An Acorn Growth Company, is the leader in innovating high-quality, responsive, and cost-effective technical services supporting the radar, Satcom, and SIGINT industries. Founded in 1991, TSS’s designs have been incorporated into radar systems no longer supported by some of the world’s most powerful aerospace and defense brands, including Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin.


U.S. Air Force Academy Admissions | Booth #836

The U.S. Air Force Academy educates, trains and inspires men and women to become officers of character motivated to lead the U.S. Air Force and Space Force in service to our nation.

Ultra PCS | Booth #1235

Ultra PCS delivers innovative pneumatic and control systems for mission critical applications on military aircraft. These systems include compact HiPPAG™ high-pressure air compressors for weapon ejection systems and missile seeker cryogenic cooling, de-icing systems for wings and engine intakes, and HUMS for helicopters.

Ursa Major | Booth #1032

★ ★ Partner

USAA | Booth #1103

For more than 100 years, USAA has proudly served the financial needs of the military and their families. For insurance, banking, investments, and advice, you can trust USAA to provide the convenience you need, savings you want, and service you deserve. With USAA, you’re more than a member, you’re part of the family we serve. Learn more at usaa.com or call 800-531-USAA.

USAF Cloud One (AFLCMC/HNII) | Booth #1605

Cloud One is the preeminent cloud hosting service and platform in the Department of the Air Force, offering secure, reliable Government Cloud Service Providers (CSP) environments. On top of our best-in-class cloud platforms, we provide accredited services and enterprise governance that mission application owners can take advantage of in your individual Cloud One environments.

UTS Systems | Booth #117


V2X | Booth #736

Veterans United Home Loans | Booth #1432

Based in Columbia, Missouri, Veterans United Home Loans. the nation’s largest VA lender according to the Department of Veterans Affairs Lender Statistics. Veterans United’s mission is to help Veterans and service members take advantage of the home loan benefits earned by their service. In fiscal year 2022, Veterans Untied helped more than 86,000 Veterans use their hard-earned VA benefits and financed more than $26.5 billion. Veterans United is licensed in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

★ Partner

Virtualitics, Inc. | Booth #1035

Virtualitics delivers an AI platform and workflows to improve operational readiness, optimize investment opportunities, drive mission support, and discover intelligence insights. The company’s patented technology is based on over 10 years of research at the California Institute of Technology and is depended on by the Federal Government.


Waldorf University | Booth #738

Waldorf University is proud to support the AFA in all its endeavors! Our university has been serving our military members since 1903 and continues to do so today! Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and recognized by the Dept. of Education, we provide great degrees for our heroes all over the world! Stop by booth 738 and ask for a FREE Credit Transfer Review, with no fees and no obligation to enroll! Find out where you stand toward your educational goals!

Western Carolina University, College of Business | Booth #1633

Western Carolina University is committed to providing exemplary support to members of the military and veterans, their spouses, and their college-aged children. We provide one-on-one admissions and financial aid counseling to ensure our military students are able to maximize their benefits and receive a high-quality, affordable education. We offer undergraduate and graduate programs at our main campus in Cullowhee, in Asheville at Biltmore Park, and online for those stationed around the globe.

Western Governors University | Booth #1038

At WGU, we recognize and honor the sacrifice and dedication it takes to serve our country. That’s why we work hard to make educational opportunities available to active-duty service members, veterans, and their families. By providing an online university that is flexible and affordable, we help more military students and their families achieve their goals of higher education.

wolfSSL Inc | Booth #839

wolfSSL offers embedded TLS and cryptographic libraries. Our FIPS 140-2, FIPS 140-3, and DO-178 DAL A products are lightweight, portable, C-language-based, and targets IoT, embedded, and RTOS. wolfSSL products are currently in use at each branch of the armed services protecting assets from compromise. wolfSSL supports up to TLS 1.3, DTLS 1.3, is 20 times smaller than OpenSSL and offers an OpenSSL compatibility layer. We offer secure boot and TLS security over automotive and aviation protocols.


Yubico | Booth #116

As the inventor of the YubiKey, Yubico makes secure login easy. As a leader in setting global standards for secure access to computers, mobile devices, and more, Yubico is also a creator and core contributor to the FIDO2, WebAuthn, and FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), and open authentication standards. Yubico is privately held, with a presence around the globe. For more information, please visit: www.yubico.com.


586th Flight Test Squadron | Booth #112

Based at Holloman AFB, NM, the 586 FLTS conducts all-domain Prototyping & Experimentation (P&E) flight test support. As the United States Air Force’s only P&E test squadron, they operate T-38C and C-12 aircraft with organic engineering modification authority, safety and technical planning, program management, and flight execution. Offering full-spectrum flight test support including equipment site bed down, flying testbeds, electronic warfare and expendables from 120 knots to Mach 1+!